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What's in my freezer

Just been having a look online to see what other people have in their freezer to get ideas, but I can't find anything. (Probably not looking hard enough!) Anyway here's what I've got in my freezer. I have upped my freezer game A LOT. Before having ME/CFS I barely thought about freezer food. Now it's essential to eating well, because I can't leave the house to get food whenever I want.

I keep these in tupperware that is all the same size and stacked neatly on top of each other. When I cook, I make 3 or 4 meals to eat over the next few days, and I always put one or sometimes two portions in the freezer. This covers me for a day that could happen any time where I will be incapable of cooking, or when I will be able to cook something simple but out of fresh ingredients and unable to get more. On the tupperware lid, I stick down a post it note with masking tape. I write what is in the tupperware, and any actions I will need to take - any specific cooking instructions or if I will need to make pasta with it. I also write the date I made it.

In the first few months of freezing meals, I only had one or two meals in there at a time. Now, I sometimes have up to five cooked frozen meals in my freezer. It took a lot of work for me to get into this habit, and I'm glad to have got to this stage. I can only properly cook once every one or two weeks.

Examples of meals: roasted red onions, peppers, celery, and broccoli; spicy tomato sauce for pasta with spinach; coconut, chickpea, red lentil, and okra curry.

Here's what else I have in my freezer:

Chopped onions - this was a game-changer
Edamame - unshelled
Edamame - shelled (for a treat)

Ice cream
one Magnum left over from the summer
Small tub mince pie inspired ice cream from last xmas - loved it so much I kept it in case they discontinue it for this xmas
Small tub vanilla ice cream (for milkshakes)

Quorn burgers - they're only still in my freezer because I don't like them, and hope someone else will want them.
Steak and ale pies - also a game changer. I wasn't raised on oven food but it makes things much easier!

Samosas from a local south asian shop - I have these for lunch sometimes
Raspberries - for the days I run out of fresh fruit
Whole honey cake - I baked 2 cakes in one go, so I can have this one another day - less effort
Sliced bread - game changer! Never have to deal with mouldy bread
Onion rings
Ice cube tray with some cubes of finely chopped ginger
Decaf coffee

Once every couple of months I will get a frozen pizza but since I only have one freezer drawer, I don't have much space for it.

Until recently I always had chips in the freezer, but since I got diagnosed with PCOS I have been avoiding potatoes, and switching to wholegrains rather than white breads, pasta, rice etc.

I have frozen tortillas in the past when I didn't want all the packet at once. I made the most of that one :)


I have my favourite bread. Grain and seed bread which is artisan baked and like the rarest thing in the world to buy when you need it! So I buy it when I don't and stack it in the freezer cut in quarters which I use one at a time (so like you -no mouldy bread issues!)
I had access to loads of organic green runner beans this summer, so have so many blanched and in freezer bags.
Pumpkin chunks -ready for pumpkin soups.
Ginger, cut into little slices. (Duhhh....it took me ages to realise that ginger freezes and I don't have to deal with mouldy ginger either!)
Quorn sausages (which I love) Gimme those burgers!! I like those too!
Fish fingers.
Haddock steaks.
Frozen blueberries.
Sauce for roasted pumpkin chunks.
Sliced wholemeal for my Crow friend, to make his meat paste sandwich in the mornings.
I love seeing in everybody's freezer!
Chicken stock (actually meat stock not bone broth due to SIBO)
1/2 batches of various soups and stews
1/2 batch of gluten free, sugar free muffins (yes all homemade because who would make that?)
Chicken livers
Bits of other meat from sales
Nuts, coconut
Little jars of leftover roast squash in pre measured amounts
Pesto from years ago when I had that kind of energy

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