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ok So today I had the most bizarre experience, I had gotten 2 shots so far of peptides and I decided to try something new. I was not planning to talk about it at all until I was on it for a long time. But I use this blog as a documentation source since I have the most terrible memory.
I am also doing MIC shots. So who knows if it is the combo or one or the other, also my body always respond positively to new meds. then kinds of platuo so too early to tell. But I am experiencing things I never had before except when I had my 3 remissions before (had similar things).
1) I have periods with 0 symptoms, is not whole days but there are moments that I sit and just enjoy being alive (I feel extremely happy, I think is only natural after the hell I was in). The symptoms I am having are colitis or POTs related. But like CFS wise not much in a day.

2) I felt like this brain thing, is bad but as if is reparing something. I feel extreme pressure and behind the eyes feel like they will pop out, but this time for some reason it feels like is a good thing. I cannot explain it (since I had the same thing where I feel something is being destroyed) crazy I know but the feeling is just good (but bad because it is pain and pressure, but I feel is a repair thing).

3) I have crashes, small but Is different. Like I am on an energy envelope usually, that if I go up the stairs I feel it. Lately I do much more and just feel like tired (more like brain inflamed) after the MIC shot and the Peptide shot and have to lay down randomly.

4) I am getting periods of crazy energy like when a car starts, like wow my internal battery is working but (I know is crazy) I feel like I don't have where to put it, So I am like I need to go and walk or run or something physical (then I crash, very little just like 30min- 1h nap fixes it) but then I am normal again (energy is good not great).

I hope I am going on to another remission! fingers crossed.
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Good to hear about the improvement. It difficult to know why we sometimes seem to spontaneously improve or get worse.
What peptide are you taking?
Are you doing this yourself or did your doctor recommend?

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