What classifies severe m.e.

Are there checklists that determine the severity of our illness? If someone has feeding tube, is that severe? Also, this is very grim and I apologize to all, but are there predicted life expectancies? I just really need a feel for what I'm facing. I know God knows when and that's fine, but I'm human and curious.


Hi Bonnie, I've never seen any specific definitions of "severe", but a feeding tube sounds severe to me. Do you have a tube that goes directly into your stomach? A friend's son had one of those, he lived with it for several decades.
Hi, thanks for asking. Yes the tube goes in nose, through stomache and into small bowel. Boy I feel so badly when I here of someone's child going through this. Sounds as though he is older now. Hope I 'm not too rude in asking of his current well being. I'm just really interested in finding someone who has progressed this far and gotten to point where they could eat again.
Nice chatting with you. Hope you are doing well yourself. Take care and stay happy.
Uggh, your tube sounds uncomfortable, or worse.

No, it's not at all rude to ask about my friend's son. He was born with severe birth defects, both physical and intellectual, and given up for adoption. My friend and his wife adopted the little guy and took care of him, 24 hours a day, until he died about a year ago. He lived much longer than anyone ever expected. Despite being bedbound and nonverbal, he could still communicate somewhat, and seemed to be as content as anyone else.

I've been able to go out and do a little yard work recently. It's really nice to be out in warmer weather - it's been five months since the temperature was above 60 degrees!

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