What a good day! (Loving the new comrpession socks)

So today I woke up better, didn't sleep well again but for some reason I felt better. I put ice first thing in the morning on my head. Ha! those that thought it was not possible to discover something better than coke!! Ice on head is a godsend!!

Like I was feeling like a normal person, human and all, I decided to exercise, 5min into it, I felt so good that I did not consider my natural 5min break and just kept walking for 1 hour (2miles!!!).

I felt so accomplished!! On days like this, is when I figure how different life is when one can feel like a normal human being.

I am also so exited with my new compressions socks (for my POTs). OMG! they look good and they are super comfortable and they don't slip down. I loved the brand so I am going to keep trying their products.

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ah this post answered my question I put on your other thread.

Love to hear if the compression socks help. (some of us need full length ..to waist compression hose).

I use the same brand as what you are usingbut mine come to the top of my legs, Im going to try waist high next
Tania what type are you using? I wanted to try the sheer ones next but I am afraid that they break to easy like normal pantyhose would?!?!?
I'm glad you are having a good day. They are wonderful when they happen. I had a setback Friday but yesterday and today so far I'm feeling better, actually plan to do a couple chores and cook some zuchini. Rock on with your good day!! I'm happy for you.
"Tania what type are you using? I wanted to try the sheer ones next but I am afraid that they break to easy like normal pantyhose would?!?!?"

The ones I are just called "cotton" I didnt think the sheer one was in the "medical compression" support stocking range??

They describe the one called "cotton" as
"COTTON is the medical compression stocking for men and women of all ages. COTTON is ideally suited to those for whom a more natural look is just as important as the skin-friendly properties of „Swiss Cotton Premium“."

I dont know how but I got a hole in mine after having them for only about 6 weeks (it didnt happen while putting them on, its in the wrong place for that and Im always careful.

My boyfriend had to yell at the medical supply store place I brought them from to get them to replace them (its a 6-10 week wait as they have to import my size to Australia, where I bought them, didnt have any more in stock). He ended up convincing them to allow me to keep the hole pair for the time being till the other ones come in.

* Note.. what is interesting is that finger tip sized hole in mine.. hasnt got any bigger and hasnt run thou Ive been wearing them with the hole in it for past few weeks.

The head office online if you write to them.. they are very efficient and replied back to me within hours. I was quite impressed with them.
"how different life is when one can feel like a normal human being."
I have had this same thought on the occasions that I was doing better. It sure makes everything so different doesn't it? Glad you had a good day.
I use the Sigvaris thigh-highs, and I get the tall ones so they come all the way to the top of my legs. I have tried a pair of the waist high ones, and I felt like I needed to become a Barbie-doll to fit into them comfortably, ha! I have lost weight since I last tried them, so maybe I will revisit them. I was told not to get the socks because they don't come up high enough to give as much of a benefit. I use rubber gloves to put on the stockings like they tell you to, and I have not had any problems with them running or tearing, knock on wood! I also do put regular socks on over them to protect them from snags. Yay for support hose! :)

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