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Wet Irish day!

I think you all know that the rain in Ireland is far wetter than anywhere else .... A wet day when there are no mountains, nothing but grey..

I wrote a whole entry earlier, than it vanished.... cyber space...Lost sock land..... Will copy as I write this time..

Islands! Offshore crops of land.... I had been seeking casually a while, Had to be west coast... When I was first in Ireland, it was coastal north Mayo and I loved it. There is a peace and a friendliness about north and west mayo and it has escaped the intense tourism that is destroying other places... We have huge expanses of wild land , preserved now, and empty peaceful beaches are easy to find..

And the friendliest of folk..

And along the west coast a richness of islands..

But to survive, and many are totally depopulated, they have turned to tourism on a major scale. So my seeking a long term rental.... I asked re one island for long term and he replied, "Six months?" and when t replied ,"Five years," there was a stunned silence, then guffaws... There there were nearly 30 lovely holiday lets, empty all winter

And very very busy all summer.. not my scene!

Omey was interesting and a near thing! It is a tidal island. Ie you drive across at low tide, over sand! No I never did it! I got the man who took care of it to drive me in his 4 x4! I have too much imagination and the idea of quick sand terrifies me.. There is a youtube of a party of old ladies rushing back to their coach, skirts held high...

and every house now a holiday let

So my search seemed doomed... But I carried on.

And in ways that are of God, came to meet the ferryman here, then learn that there was a council property lying empty as who wanted to live on an island with so few folk and no facilities?

Perfection for me. Peace, silence, beauty and all the skills needed to live here

The actual move! Ah later! Suffice it to say that the day I drove along the utterly lovely sheep scattered road to the slipway here, I was... lost! Heart given,,, hook, line and sinker! The ferryman took me over a few days later and I lost even more of me... saw this dwelling, unusual as ti is....


So beautiful, evocative.
And the ferryman took you over....made me cry a little. In a nice way. In old lore it's the ferryman who takes Souls over away from the trials of this world, to the next, the "Summerlands". So I found that very moving
But your ferryman helped you find the perfect house. How lovely!
Best wishes from a landlocked south west UK.
wolfcub; actually the news re the empty house came from 3 different places... the ferryman put the search into acuality, ie he showed me the house the community centre then the council had let me see

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