Wessely quoted in BBC Gulf War article

Sickofcfs;150838 said:
I'm not trying to be funny here.

Does anyone else think Wessely sounds more and more like a sociopath every day? Or perhaps something more like narcissistic personality disorder....
Almost uncanny the way this fits the bill - do they dream these things up because it's in them - probably.


Here was the really troubling part for me - he doesn't think there's research resolution to this. I don't know how he can suggest not researching it more. He's basically don't devote $ to research - imagine hearing that if you had GWS!......Bad news indeed..

"I don't think we're ever going to be able to take it any further now," says Professor Simon Wessely.

"Even if you gave me 10m [for research], I wouldn't know what to do with it.

"I think the only thing worth spending money on is trying to help those who are ill."
...The other parts were pretty innocuous for me.

Even so, he has no doubt that a significant number of Gulf veterans became ill as a direct result of their military service.

"The evidence is incontrovertible that there is a Gulf War health effect," he says.

"Something to do with the Gulf has affected health and no-one serious has ever disputed that.

"Is there a problem? Yes there is. Is it Gulf War Syndrome or isn't it? I think that's a statistical and technical question that's of minor interest."
This statement about his ideas was a bit troubling

He does not believe Gulf War Syndrome exists as a distinct illness.
but could mean that it is several things; toxin related for some people, vaccination related for others and, of course, in his mind psych related for some. It is clear, though, that there was something different about that war.

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