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Well something must be working if I'm so hammered

Beginning to peek out from under the extreme fog and sleepiness of last 2 months.

Started artemisin protocol early December. It was merely DISGUSTING for the first couple weeks and then... I slept for 2 weeks straight. Wake up, eat a bit, back to bed. Brain fog, inflammation, everything sore. Hopefully it was busy killing things off.

Then somewhere in there started the SIBO herbal protocol. Contributed to big time sleepiness. I gave up getting out of bed before 9 am- sometimes 10 am.

Didn't feel sick, as in an infection, but exhausted and fatigued---- as in all bodies resources otherwise deployed.

Now it's countdown to the next SIBO test when I see how much of a dent there is in the crowd. In the unwelcome party in the small intestine.

Meantime I have been fortunate enough to still have insurance, somehow still have a job, and been able to see a :nervous:nutritionist and :bang-head:counselor.

Nutritionist says:
- Don't drink while you eat. More digestive enzymes. Take meds 30 min AFTER eating so I'm not swallowing a ton of water while eating. Aside from digestive enzymes. This is the kind of detail that the docs never have time for.

- Active visualization is very powerful (specific visualization of immune system mobilizing and finding and evicting the bacteria)

- Pressure cook or crock pot is better than oven for both meat and veg, for this initial 30 day period. Peel and seed all tolerated vegetables. Nothing raw. If I can stick with this for 30 days, I can begin to reintroduce things.

-Bone broth instead of snacks. Bone broth for SIBO types: but what about the cartilage? Turns out there's a book for that!


- Meal hygiene. Gratitude, thankfulness, do one thing (eating) at a time. I realize I've gotten into a habit of reading while eating because eating can be painful.

Counselor says:
Find your granny gear! (she called it low gear but my grandparents always called it granny gear when we were powering slowly up a mountain in their old converted schoolbus to go camping)
Lyme is a #$% and it takes a while to get over it.

Managed to finally watch first part of UNREST somewhere in there, now that it is on Netflix. Crying the whole time.

Oh brave, compassionate, beautiful humans! To put faces and names to people so isolated and alone. The film is a miracle. Jen and Omar, miracles. :angel: Everyone else in the film whose name I forget, miracles.

Didn't make it to Women's March yesterday. That is a different gear.

Grocery shopping, meal prep, tiny bit of cleaning and tiny bit of work-work is a dangerously full plate for me right now.

But at least this last week I've been able to walk 1x a day and for the first time, energy and fatigue and joint pain is not the most limiting factor.

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Did the artemisin continue to help and was the sleeping a lot a good thing, do you think?

Edit: Also how much artemisin was prescribed?

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