Well enough to manage illness

I achieved a lot of accomplishments today. Big stuff, in my world. Little stuff, by normal people's standards. But I did it.
  • I went to the dentist for a bite adjustment after major dental work yesterday that was causing me pain.
  • I returned some items at a local shop and purchased a pair of socks that actually fits me. I now own one pair of socks and one pair of shoes that fits me. PROGRESS!!!!
  • I got an Access Pass, with the help of transport and someone else pushing my wheelchair. This means that due to my status as disabled, I can visit national parks free of charge. I've been wanting this for months, because I'm just barely on the cusp of being well enough to visit some national parks. Now there is no financial barrier to attempting to do so, and no pressure to stay longer or to use it while I have it to "get my money's worth".
  • I called my insurance company and sorted out which doctors are in-network, which are out-of-network, which of my prescriptions are covered, co-pays, deductibles, and all that. 6+ months ago this was completely beyond my capacity, even on a good day with nothing else. Today, it was just another thing on the list - actually the second day of lengthy discussions with insurance. My representative is fantastic and we got nearly everything sorted.
  • Called my Dr's office to see if he would write a fresh prescription without seeing me...
  • Called my local pharmacy as the office directed me to, gave all the information to someone with an extremely thick accent, hopefully that goes through. Then my most important emergency medication won't be down to 5 more doses and expired, at that.
  • Scheduled paratransit for a trip on Monday.
  • Scheduled a counseling appointment for later this month.
  • Showered, though without washing my hair (or shaving or anything...ha, shaving is a joke of an energy-waster!)
I did all that, and I'm still planning to Skype with friends this evening and reheat food for myself to eat.

Granted, not all days are this good. Two weeks ago I couldn't manage to make a single phone call to paratransit within the timeframe provided, so I had to arrange another ride. Those days happen. Other days I can't heat up my own food. But these days happen too - days where I'm well enough to actually take care of things. And sure, it's just treading water. But I like this new sensation of [mostly] keeping myself afloat. Feels good.

And I have a feeling it's only going to get better from here. :)


I wanted to say that I read your "How it all began" post about three weeks ago and tried the process you described. It did something to my brain—who knows what—that allowed me a level of acceptance I'd never experienced before and I was able to re-frame my experience and illness. It allowed me to start doing a couple other things to help myself, and from there improvement really took off. I'm doing better and I'm not sure it would have happened without that post as a catalyst. So...I have no words that express how thankful I am to you for writing it. And I am SO glad to hear that you are improving too!
@SquidProQuo, thanks so much for commenting and sharing how my post has helped you. It means so much to me! I'm really glad you found the technique useful along your own healing journey; really difficult to express. Wishing you all the best.
Good to hear of the improvement Dainty. Curious if you're still seeing the osteopath? :)
I'm definitely still seeing the osteopath; his treatments, observations and advisement continue to be an essential factor in my healing journey. The more well I get the less I require his services, but anytime I feel I'm in a rut, or something physically traumatic happens that locks down my body and breathing, or I simply feel unclear about the next step to take, or if my body is just all-out freaking out and I'm at a loss for how to fix it - he's the one I go back to to get back on track, figure things out, give my body a break. He insists I'm doing all the work, he's just removing the obstacles to healing. Right now I'm seeing him about every 5-6 weeks.

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