Week Six: An Early Spring?

Time has flown by these last couple of weeks. Today marks the start of week six and we are still going very strong. Other than El Polo Diablo, we have stuck 100% to strict Paleo zero grains, sugars (refined or otherwise), potatoes, and legumes. We only ever drink water so it has been very easy to also skip all coffee/caffeine and alcohol.

This last week both Jeremy and I have begun to feel small, noticeable improvements occurring in us. As our bodies are adapting more and more to this new way of life our meals are keeping us satiated longer. The afternoon snack we seemed to have needed every day, we have skipped more often than not this week. We are looking forwards to seeing our food bill going back down again as time progresses.

In the last three days we have both been having small bursts of increased energy and ability to get things done. Finally starting to very slowly get caught back up on the things we had to let go around camp, we were really knocked down by El Polo Diablo and then an ankle injury Jeremy suffered last week.

I was amazed today to realize just how much I have been able to do these last several days around camp. Such as doing many tasks that would normally be Jeremys but which his injured ankle has prevented. Small things like making the short hike to our refrigerator several times a day have been easy this week where as the trip would make me feel like collapsing only two weeks ago.

Day by day our bodies are silently healing. Just as the first hints of an early spring are coming to life all around me, so too is are the beginnings of an awakening of my body and its ability to regain functionality in life.

<img alt="" src="http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/1527/aboutcover.jpg" title="maple seed sprout" width="300" height="284" />
A maple seedling with it's old seedpod hat.

I watch the tiny maple seeds that have begun sprouting from the soil and can not help but be awed at the massive accomplishment of life the fully grown, towering maples have achieved around me. From quiet and humble beginnings these maple trees have sought but one thing here under the thick canopy of leaves, to grow tall and strong so that they may one day reach their leafy boughs fully into the sunlight that lures them ever upwards.

<img alt="Maples on our road last fall, reaching for the last of the sunlight before it drops below the horizon most of the winter." src="http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/2368/brownrdoutsideronsdrive.jpg" title="maples on brown road Oct 2009" width="325" height="434" />
Maples on our road reaching for the last of the Fall sunlight October 2009.

I have lived too long under the gloom of this illness. The time has come for me to sprout out of my protective shell and take a chance at growing too. For it is only through walking into the unknown that I will one day find myself standing high atop a distant peak with the wind whipping through my hair and the sunlight a golden glow upon my upturned face.


Pleased to hear the Paleo is still having positive effects, Lisa.
Keep it up.
I hope to be back on it 100% soon.
(As well as the dairy free 100%).
And you take great photos also. Meant to tell you ages ago.
What sort of camera do you have? Your nature close ups are really superb.
Hi Viki! :)

I hope you're able to go paleo and dairy free soon too. I'm very surprised at all the little things that have gotten better since doing this. I was mostly dairy free already so in my case it was losing the grains and legumes that are helping - a majority of what I used to eat.

One week to go for you till your extended vacation right Vicki? :D

hugs, Lisa
Howdy Terri! :)

Good quote to have remembered and pulled out! You are right, it is so daunting to look at doing something new and different. We started by swapping one meal a day to paleo, then two, then all three but still grains as a snack. It was at that point, three meals a day paleo, that I had a surge of energy. Over Christmas we went back to lots of grains and oy! Didn't feel very good.

That's my suggestion if you want to try out a new diet. One meal at a time for about a week each before adding another meal in the style you are going for. Gives you time to work the kinks out of how to make it all fit in your life and eases you into it.

Though the first two weeks of full paleo were done on faith for us while our bodies felt worse before better. So glad those weeks are over with and its pretty smooth sailing at this point. :D

Hugs, Lisa :)
Oh! And I only took the second picture, not the first. I often have to pull pictures from the web because of the very limited amount of stuff to photograph on a five acre piece of temperate rain forest and a soso camera. hehe

But I pull the pictures from the web to help color up my writing, put more flavor in there and express more of how things make me feel or how I see something even though mostly confined to this one place. :) It can take quite a while to find just the right picture so still feels as though my work and efforts have gone into it beyond the writing alone.

I never take from places that specifically ask not to have their photos used, too much like stealing. Free photos and at most I shrink them down to fit so as to keep the original context of the photographer, except El Polo Diablo - that was photoshopped. ;)

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