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Week 3 methylation adventure plus SIBO update

Protocol: B12 injection 3x / week (10 mg I think) and methylfolate.
Started out 2 mg, then went to 3, now at 4.

Week 1 was great! Well, that's what I remember, but my actual notes say
Dose 1:
Increased light & sound sensitivity, herx like reaction, malaise
Lymph nodes started talking 2 days later
Dose 2:
Crash out all day, day after injection

And then....Able to work a couple partial days that week including having to move my office (lots of trips up and down stairs which wiped me out for the weekend)

Week 2:
Was great! Well, that's what I want to say, but what my notes say is:
Felt great back to work M & Tuesday (part days of course)
Crash out W-Th-F... so fatigued...slept 12 hrs at night plus a lot of daytime. Didn't feel bad just super sleepy.

Finally, I remembered the guidance of many here on PR including @Fredd and @Learner1 and thought to try more cofactors.
- Potassium! Adding it back several times/day
-Amino acids- BCAA & glutamate to start

It is possible that all this will go away once I up the methylfolate, but I'll keep on the go slow approach for now until I figure out where that is.

by the end of the week I did have one night of deeply disturbing dreams that woke me every couple hours, very unusual so I suspect some kind of neurotransmitter imbalance, hasn't happened again since I added BCAA & glutamate, fingers crossed.

Week 3:
Pretty magical so far! (ha ha, she says merrily on day 2)

I got out my step counter for the first time in MONTHS. First time since I thought I would get better if I gradually tried to walk a little more every day ha ha ha.

Able to work 4-5 hrs/day so long as I remember the cofactors.

AND at least last night, 12 hrs sleep, plus hour nap, plus continuing to not stress about I mean ignore the housework (pile high, dishes!) :whistle:

Never had digestive issues before this current (month....9 now) episode. I don't know if it's due to lack of any kind of exercise, sleepy gut/ lack of metabolic energy for anything, several months on regular course of Di-Ribose, lifetime of low blood sugar/ carboholism/ regular snacking....or something else. I do remember that digestion seemed to take energy I just did not have when I first became ill. Then constipation set in.

Now it feels like suddenly, the foods I can tolerate are getting fewer and fewer. Even after taking a summer off beans, and I love beans, it's clear that beans still have to be an Aspirational Food for now.

And apples! It's apple season, and the very first "real" harvest from our baby backyard orchard... :grumpy:
luckily I know people who are glad to help eat them up.

I have jumped into SIBO extracurricular activity, because what's another disorder to learn all about on top of the 2 or 3 or 5 I already have?! Videos, podcasts, recipes... Have not decided on treatment yet, will wait to see what Dr. K has to say.

Meanwhile ... GUT MOTILITY...there are these exercises to try... :heart: Nadya!

I watched this with my husband. He said he wanted to watch ME try, I said NO WAY, just admire HER :confused:

Aiming to up protein/fat content of meals, reduce snacks, and fast 12 hrs at night (easy since I sleep that much, eh!) Delicious lunch of meatballs and carrot sticks. And a piece of dark chocolate. Which bloated me up so no more chocolate either. Fortunate I don't need pureed cooked carrots (yet).
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@NotThisGuy, I have been becoming more sensitive over the past few years (in hindsight). There has been a big increase since methylation these past few weeks- but is that coincidental? Bloating/ constipation has been getting worse all summer, as have the MCAS type intolerances.
Trying to tease out what causes what with so many variables.... Have you heard of food intolerance increasing w methylation?
my food intolerances increased very much with cyanocobalamin. MethylB12 didnt reverse this only to some extend. The big difference for me regarding food intolerances (also MCAS type) made methionine for a while when I was able to tolerate it
I think if methylation isn't fully supported those MCAS like symptoms get worse (also read about this several times here).
Sometimes I think MethylB12 actually made things even worse.... but not as much as Cyano or HydroxoB12 did.

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