Week 29 - Quiet Week

After hitting the boom and bust cycle pretty heavy over the last couple of weeks, I decided to have a really quiet week. The only thing I had to do for the week was the gestational diabetes test, which I must say is most unpleasant.

You have to fast for 10 hours before hand. They take your blood and then get you to drink this sugary glucose drink (much sweeter than lemonade) which you have to keep down. Considering that I still get a touch of morning sickness and I hadnt eaten breakfast which makes me worse, this was kinda like torture to keep the drink down.

One hour after you have drunk the mixture they take your blood and then again another hour later. After all up of two hours sitting in an uncomfortable waiting room I was both bored and exhausted and went home for a big sleep.

Still suffering from the Fibromyalgia flare and the weather keeps changing which doesnt seem to help. Over the past few days we have had 29C/84F, 16C/60F, 18C/64F, 30C/86F and it is now 13C/55F. It has also been incredibly humid which seems to make my symptoms worse.


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