Weather Images (colorized version) - P.E.M. Friendly, containing fewer words!

Our monsoon season may have gone out with a whimper, but radiant sunlight shone vividly across the horizon in one last gasp effort.

When I came back down from atop the pedestrian bridge, I showed several staff members these sunset images… and their initial supposition was that I used filters to improve the quality. Of course, I had just rolled back into the building from out there, and hadn't any opportunity to touch up or do anything with the pictures themselves (I prefer everything look naturally natural, or kind of sort of defeat the purpose).

So no, I did not color, or filter these images. That's how impressive this sunset was.

Otherwise, I'm going to let the images (mostly) speak for themselves.

Sunset Series - September 2nd, 2022 (between 6:45 and 7:00 p.m. AZ time)







the rest - August 2022


A Towering Cumulonimbus Congestus


Impressive Rain Shaft






Green Desert


South Scottsdale after appointment


Three Hawks, Riding the Thermals


Palm Posture

Yes. Fewest. Words. Ever!

But I wanted to put these out in a timely fashion, before we fade quietly into The Fall Season. In another month or so we'll be down into the 90s for high temperatures. And then I can freely roam around, having less concern in regards to becoming dehydrated.

Take care,


This whole series are super outstanding, even the mini captions are charming.

yes: definitely a calendar in the offing....

those palm trees in
South that really an unaltered shot? Its just amazing, color wise.

it look like a 1918 lithograph.

there is also something really intriguing about that line crossing the cloud...traversing the palm trees....

Hang in there with the weather even, I hope it does cool down soon...
Gorgeous photography, Howard! So many people don't take the time to look up nowadays. You're showing us what there is to be missed when we don't. Thank you!
Who doesn't like clouds....well, except when they turn into funnels? We had the worst storm of the season yesterday. Trees uprooted (ours are fine), yet no lightening but sudden darkeness & strong winds.

Sorry if we don't get enough weather info everywhere these days. Yours, Lenora
Hey y'all, I appreciate the comments and the compliments! :)

I'm hanging in there. Having some problematic stoma issues past seven days. Won't get into that. No reason. But I finally started feeling better last night, so hopefully I'll have a new blog entry up and running soon!

Hanging out with a couple friends yesterday morning -

Mourning Doves....a personal favorite! I got in on some actual bird sex, over in the vacant lot, earlier in the summer (is that dove OK?) (Oh, oops, its two doves)

"small head, slender body, narrow tail" and very local!

I went out today! I gazed out the car window some, really bright and all fresh air from the monsoon...we had an appointment to do government stuff, about 17 miles away, I had not been there..near 2-3 years (?).

we drove past where I used to do field work, my very important project near the beach...for at least 17 years I worked on it, and visited nature place.

that was emotionally taxing, driving past.

I'll be in bed here for the next few days it seems, after that little excursion....
@Howard......I do believe that clouds have surpassed music in your personal likes at the moment. Great pics....I'll look up to see what our clouds are doing.

Of course you're to blame if I fall over. Anyway, gorgeous pics.

@Rufous McKinney.....Something weird has happened to all of our birds here....even the squirrels are making their usual show. Very frustrating.

Glad you were out and are back home again. Hopefully, your recovery will be easier than you think. Best of health to all of you, and heal stoma, heal. L.
.I do believe that clouds have surpassed music in your personal likes at the moment.
Right. The music takes more out of me. Requires more concentration. But I finally figured out how to get my tablet running again. I had to purchase another charger ($8) but that seems to have solved the problem.

I was physically cold outside this morning around 7:30 a.m. The temperature was 65° f ... and it hasn't been that cool overnight since April or May or something like that. I may have to start wearing clothes outdoors! LOL
Of course it'll be 100° today by mid-afternoon.


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