Today, I took my first bath in many, many years. In an inflatable tub in my bed. My Angel nurse friend helped me.

Tears streamed down my face as I realized what was getting ready to happen.

It was a bit difficult to have the pump next to me but once I felt the water, I turned into a 5 year old. Sliding my legs up and down. Resting. Getting SO clean!!!!

I also found while she was trying to drain it (which did not go well but oh well most of it went well) that if I lightly kicked my feet up behind me, this swoosh of water would move up along my spine. It was such an incredible feeling. Water all over me!!!! 💧💧💧

I felt like a mermaid. I didn’t really want her to deflate the tub. I wanted to splash my tail and adventure to faraway ocean adventures with beluga whales and dolphins … but, Rainn said you are done sunshine. Look at your fingers.

It was a day I will never forget.
To feel that much water for the first time in YEARS. I could still crawl and lay in a tub weekly? In 2017. Then in 2018 I tried a shower chair but that didn’t go well. I was quickly deteriorating and this happened at most monthly for but minutes and would severely crash me after each time. Plus I couldn’t lift my arms to my head and no helpers for this back then. But the last time I was in a shower was Valentine’s Day February 2019. The day I realized, I can never do this again if I want to stay alive 😢.

So, yeah, today was kinda a big deal.I am crying as I write this right now.
Thank you, God, for Rainn and the ability to finally purchase a device as this.


Oh sunshine 🌞🌞🛁😌

Soooo fabulously fabulous to hear your news and wonderful experience.
Wooooo mermaid 🧜‍♀️
Water is so healing for us isn't it..
We are 90+ percent water so makes sense..
also we floated in water in our 9mths of growing from a pea to a babe.

Did u have it nice and warm.

Last night I had a bath and I realized for the 1st time if I lay the other way I can see the sun setting.... Bliss..

I bet you felt so amazing afterwards too

Keep shining mermaid girl x
hi, on my good moments i can sit up and half alive roll in wheelchair to bathrom not far away but its a dangerous situation although its been improving from previous years. Bedpans and depends have been utilized at times throughout. My husband refuses to be a carer for me, understandably, so a commode, although needed, was not a possibility for me.
Congratulations, Sunshine. That must have felt WONDERFUL and it sounds like you super enjoyed it. Did you wash your hair, too?

The next thing we'll hear is that you're dressed and going out for dinner and someone else is picking up the tab.

Where did you order this tub from? Ffrankly, I hadn't heard of such a thing.

I'm glad you enjoyed your day and I'm sure you were sitting pretty in a clean nightie and sheets. Good going! xoxoLenora
Thank you Lenora
It really did…
It still feels surreal I did that.

Yes, the inflatable tub came with a bag with a sprayer for hair. You hang on iv pole or coat rack. I purchased the item on Amazon. There were quite a few to choose from. The drain in mine is certainly difficult though. They could have designed it better.

Thanks Lenora!
I did, I kept running my legs up and down on sheets the next day. Felt AMAZING!

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