That first sip of a cup of tea that trickles through your chest and tingles your toes.

The sturdy, stable hands that deliver it,

your friend, family, lover, lifeline.

Their stable, sturdy hands in contrast to yours,

frail, uncontrollable, strangers.

A sturdy smile to match their hands.

Fills you with a cocktail of relief and guilt,

thank you and I'm sorry, muddled with crushed ice.

The sensation pools in your belly,

sliding outward to your fingertips like a burning Whiskey.

They entertain, engage, advise and sit in patient silence,

cheerleader, accountant and nurse.

You wonder why they applied for the job,

workload of a student doctor, benefits of a volunteer.

As you close your eyes on another day,

they think back on theirs.

The comfort, support and friendship they offered,

the gentle warmth of the love you returned.

Worry, helplessness and fear hover in the shadows,

but pride, understanding and love shine with a bright white light.

In the quiet evening,

the last sip of a cup of tea trickles through their chest and tingles their toes.


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