Walmart Again

Yeah, you'd think I'd learn by now. But I had a choice of staying in or going out with my friend. And I didn't want to stay in. Which also goes back to how up and down this disease can be.

Wednesday, I was so sick with pain and all the other symptoms, that I was feeling suicidal from it. Today, after alot of sleep, I wasn't nearly as bad, but still in alot of Lyme arthritis pain. So I went with my friend.

First we went to Walmart. And they have the food section laid out so badly, I couldn't even find a fraction of what I was looking for. So, I only did a quarter of my shopping. I did start to feel sick in there after alittle while. And my friend, who has this disease alot more mildly was feeling it, too. Like she couldn't wait to get out of there.

Then we went to McDonalds, where that particular one was so filthy, I don't even know how we ate in there. My friend actually cleaned the table off with hand gel before we could even sit at it, cause it was that bad. Like I hope I don't die from eating there.

When we got back, I still wasn't flared up badly yet. Just the stiffness and pain. But now that the night has gone on, massive flare up. I'm dying. So now it will take days to recover from this day out.

I will say this, though, just being out in the sun did feel good because I so rarely ever get to go out anymore. I really miss that, the sun and being around trees. They had alot of pine trees and flowers that might have been lavender around outside Walmart. And there was a cherry or berry tree outside the McDonalds. Being around nature, that's what I miss the most.

So many people just take it for granted that they can go outside and be in the fresh air or be in the sunlight. But when you can't for very long periods of time, it makes you really appreciate it. I miss normal things like that.


Sounds like one of my rare days out. The supermarket or Walmarts or the Doctor or the Vet - that's it. And every single time I go into public, I get sick as a dog for weeks. I use the gels on the carts but that doesn't keep the germs off all the other products in the store that others have touched and I then touch. Just being around people causes me to get sick. The fast food joints are just factories that create gut bombs that last for a few days, so no fast food for me - I don't want to be found dead in the bathroom after eating at Burger King or McDonalds (what a thought). And it seems to be getting worse and worse for me as the months move on.

I know how you feel and you have my sympathy for what it is worth. Try to get outside for just a tiny bit and just sit. Doesn't have to be in the sun - I stay out of the sun, but under the trees and in the clean air so you can feel like a normal person and not a prisoner.

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