Vote for the Washington Post Ads for ME/CFS!

View attachment 1909 The Half Page Ads for ME/CFS for the Wash Post Are Ready for Feedback

The ad samples are ready for your review. Please go here:

Go here to give your feedback:

Look under "Print Advertisements" and then look for "Ad Samples."

If you have not registered, you will need to do so. After registering, you may have to enter another password: "action" to access the topics.

Feedback time will end on October 31 at midnight EST.

Don't forget to donate here:

Look at the top left for the donate button.

The MCWPA Team


Thank you Cort for posting this for us.

Please guys, hit the above and look at the six Ads and give us input. The last day for comments is 31 Oct. This is YOUR shot at getting the messages you want out into the public and where the Washington types will see it. Look to see what captures YOUR EYES. What appeals to you and why? What message is critical?
We need your ideas and input. All the Ads are great. They all have different "takes" but put the info out there in a eye-catching way and they are heavy-hitting - as the members and you all requested over and over. Our people listened and here are the ADs....
Do you want the feedback here in PR? The page Cort links to says to go onto your board, but I don't see any discussion/voting there.
Ill: Please don't post comments that you want read by the Advisors on this website. Go to the sites above and look at the Six ADs and then move on to the forum on the website. You must register for the website and that can be done on the forum page. Then when you get to the forum page, enter "action" as the password. This is where you register for access to the whole site and then to get to the forum for AD comments.

You guys can chat all you like about the ADs here but the Advisors are not reading them from Cort's site. They ARE reading them from the forum where all the comments are in one place for everyone else to read and think about and maybe put a new twist on what their original thoughts were. Sorry, but you do have to go to the website/forum. It's not a big deal to register and then hit the forum.

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