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Volunteers Requested to Evaluate Physician Review Software for ME/(CFS)

Cort;202558 said:
We've been developing a program specifically designed to evaluate Physician effectiveness at treating ME/(CFS) and we'd like some volunteers to give it a run through.

It's not done - there are still some sections we want to add but its at a good testing phase. Warning - its very bare bones - no formatting - not pleasant to look at but the basics are there. If you're interested in checking it out and giving us your thoughts please PM me or say so on this thread and I'll give you the link.

We're interested in things like how it easy it is to use, comments on the kinds of questions asked, etc.



I will have a look at it. I have certainly been to enough doctors and know what should be being done.

Cort, I would be more than happy to work with you on this. Just tell me where to get started?
Great - thanks

We could use more people......The only requirements needed for this are to have ME and have seen some sort of practitioner....
Hi Cort,
Count me in as surrogate for my ME husband... the list of docs is very long...
If you would like, after taking a look at the the proposed Software, I could post something that defines what's involved in the review process and how you would like the responses.


Subject: Physician Review Software for ME/(CFS)

Objective: Identify items in Software such as:
- How easy it is to use
- Comments on the kinds of questions asked
- ??? (Whatever else you are looking for)

Time Involved: Any amount of time will help

- Identify Pro's and Con's for this software

Skills required:
- Must be able to clink on link
- Should have ME/CFS diagnose(?) or if not what were the issues with the dr's (?)
- ?

And any other items that will help you in the review process.
Do you still need more people Cort? I have user interface testing experience, I see a physician and have seen a lot and have ME.

Let me know and I'm happy to help.

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