Having the day from hell and need to VENT.

I had to drive to welfare this morning to drop off "semi annual" review papers. Now, this is after I just gave them everything three weeks ago for my annual review. Why is there a "semi annual review"? I don't know. But apparently they were too lazy to look up anything I gave them three weeks ago, so I had to copy it all again and bring it all again. And the reason I don't mail them anything is because this office is famous for losing your stuff. If you go in and get a receipt and get it all stamped, you have a better chance of no problems. So I drove over there, only to find that their bad parking lot has gotten a whole lot worse. Half the lot is reserved, the other half is for a new Wellspan medical thing, and one tiny quarter is for Welfare. They have security guards patrolling the lot and if you dare park in the wrong area, they tell you to move it or be towed. So they made me move the car THREE times. First it was, "that's a reserved spot", then it was, "even though you have a handicapped pass, you can't park there, it's for Wellspan only." Then it was, you are still one spot away from the Welfare parking, move it again. And they saw I had a handicapped pass and didn't care. The guards literally almost caused me to have a car accident moving the car cause someone drove right behind my car as I was backing it out.

So I finally got inside and got my papers stamped and got a receipt. But when I had to leave, I had a very hard time getting the car out of the tight parking spot because I have depth perception problems from CFIDS/ME. I don't know what to do next time, either send the papers certified mail so there's a receipt or take an expensive cab, but I can't keep going through this every time I have to go over there. It's the worst parking lot I've ever seen, especially for a public welfare office where they know people are on disability and can't walk for miles and need close handicapped parking.

Great way to start the day off.

Also, someone on the floor of my apartment building stuffed up the garbage chute, so when I went to take out the garbage, it wouldn't go down. I ended up having to take a bag out and bringing it down to another floor. But I couldn't reach the other and I don't want to get blamed for stuffing it up.

So now I can't even relax cause I have to wait for the exterminator to come in here, and they don't give you a time, just anytime from now through the afternoon.

Oh, and my neighbor said to me, "You must be feeling well to be going out so much." UGH, NO. I didn't have a choice.

I feel stressed :(


Typical for any agency, public or private, which is considered to be "welfare". For the average Joe and most Janes on the street, "welfare" means "welfare trash", but the second half is not pronounced, usually.

This is the case because you have no control of the situation; you need the agency but they don't need you. Were their paycheck and reputation to depend partly on you the service would be entirely different.
Shocking to hear that even with a disabled parking pass you had so much trouble.

I suggest (if it helps and if and when you can find the energy).. is to write some complaints about it and post them to the relevent people. I now days do my venting a lot like that (i must admit i end up doing a lot of negative mails!)
I wanted to write to the Mayor about it, but then I felt no one would care because it's about poor people's problems. It's not a priority to them to fix something like that. They probably figure that if you are poor enough to be dealing with the welfare office, then you shouldn't have a car to begin with.

This whole city has no parking for all the important buildings. You can't park at the courthouses, you can't park at welfare, you can't park at the foodbank intake center, there's like no parking for anything important where you need to go to get help for stuff. They don't care that disabled people who have trouble walking need handicapped parking spaces close to these places. It's a terrible city for parking, particularly when you are disabled. And yet, there are tons of disabled people in this city, you would think they'd do something for all the disabled people, but they don't.
Your trip could have qualified for a Seinfeld episode, not that ther'es anything wrong with that! Im sorry, but I just pictured Elaine going thru all this. On a serious note, it's total bullsh#t what we have to go thru sometimes and how horribly isolating it can be. And if all these morons would just do their job properly, the world would be a better place!

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