Valtrex Hair Loss - will it grow back?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with hair loss caused by valtrex (an antiviral used to treat herpes family virus)? I have been taking valtrex for the past month or so as I have problems with CMV and my doc thought it might help, however, my hair has thinned dramatically since I stared taking it. I've had the other relevant tests done, i.e. iron levels, b12, thyroid, hormones, etc... but they are all fine so I think its the valtrex.

There are a few posts on here about people trying valtrex for the CFS and even a few people complaining of hair loss but I haven't been able to find anything on whether the hair will grow back after stopping valtrex?

I know it probably seems like a shallow thing to worry about considering I'm pretty much bed-ridden and have had CFS for 10+ years but Im pretty upset about being a balding 27 year old female and am just hoping someone has some knowledge on the issue?

Thank you.


I am on Valytrex and have been on it for a month as well. I have not had any hair loss up to now but It is a symptom of the Valtrex some people get. It took a while but the hair did grow back apparently when it was stopped.

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