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Valtrex (GSK version) - 500mg twice a day - day 10


Haven't blogged for awhile becuass it gets a bit exhausting in the week with work and maintaining as detailed a diary as I can. Not to mention researching side effects and other issues.

So anyway dosages have varied! But 1g twice a day just gave me anaphylactic reactions. I did herx on it tho and it does work better. So bit of a bummer. 500mg three times a day also brings on bad anaphyltic reactions. Like a bad allergy.

I believe the only dose I can tolerate is either 1g at 9am and 1g at 7pm or 1g at 9am and 500mg at 7pm. Higher doses cost a fortune anyway!

So here's what the valtrex got rid of that maybe the famvir didn't or would take longer to get rid of?!
* Sore throat went within 6 hours of first dose
* Fatigue was already good but it came back on my 48 hour famvir break and then on valtrex went again.
* PEM recovery time gradually got better over 10 days.
* Throat, neck, occipital lymph nodes and neck stiffness all got better intisolly on the 16 days famvir but valtrex seemed to hit things much harder and now I haven't got any at all. My stiffness was way worse in February and march so this is great.
* Globulus sensation in throat is pretty much gone unless I take a 1g dose.
* Mental clarity was certainly vastly improved on day 1 but then I did too much and crash for about 4 days. Wasn't a bad crash tbh but mentally I was struggling. Now day 10 and mental clarity seems much much better and has been for about 2 days.

So today I went for a 20 minute walk and to be honest I didn't feel that great because the day before I took my gf driving but that involves me doing observations and checking she's safe which is tiring! Plus I did a lot of chores on Friday. Three loads of washing and all the kitchen washing. So a lot!
Anyway I went for my walk and felt rough ten minutes in and after we got back to the car at 20 minutes I didn't feel that great really. But at that point the valtrex had reached peak concentration....probably the best time to go for a walk really.

After that walk I felt achy and crashed a bit. The usual symptoms really some fatigue in the legs, tired or even very tired and dizzy. Dizziness wasn't so bad that I couldn't function mentally but I sat down and didn't do anything for several hours.

So it's 8pm. I made the dinner and took my second valtrex dose at 7pm and even prior to that I didn't realise it but I haven't crashed! Now bare in mind I've tried to go for ten and twenty minute walks several times this winter and it's been hopeless for PEM. Of course I've yet to wake up tomorrow!

Generally though when I do wake up I either feel ok or I simply feel mild PEM. Sometimes I wake up and feel great. Other times I get PEM which lifts when I take valtrex. It also seems to give me a bit of an energy boost but not if I've really overdone to. Which makes sense to me.

However today since I got up I've had sharp kidney stone pain on my right side. From 10am till 5pm. Gradually got better. Not she this for about 5 days so it's weird. But it coincided with me adding all my supplements back in. Doesn't make any difference if I stagger stuff or drink loads (I do this anyway) it still happens. One thing that might help possibly is food with the drug but I'm not sure.

I get my blood tests results soon and i know what to look for. So considering how well to seems to be going I hope I don't have to stop. But even if I do I have another brand of famvir coming.
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