Valtrex (GSK version) - 500mg three x a day

Hi all,

I felt really good yesterday on the valtrex and woke up thismorning feeling even better. Although I woke up at 5.40am first and had to eat something so I could sleep. But other than that had 10 hours sleep and only woke up once or twice.

Once the valtrex dose wears off you really feel it. After 4 or 5 hours it just stops working and I felt angry/grumpy/headache/fatigue. Unlike famvir I forgot it needs to be dosed every 6 hours. So I am now doing that and expect to see improvements (hopefully won't wake up at 5.40am and will feel ok throughout the day).

Bit of a contrast to famvir where a 750mg am dose at 8.30am will last until about 5 or 6pm, at that point sore throat sort of returns but the upside is you can actually get to sleep. I found another brand of famvir last night which wasn't super expensive, but it's indian again, I'll be buying that so I can try and see if the side effects are less strong.

Whilst valtrex is 100% working and I put most of that down to the 16 days of famvir I did beforehand and my brief mono reactivation which lasted about 6 days - I am a bit worried about kidney issues on valtrex. I will be getting some extra blood tests soon, hopefully this week.


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