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Valcyte - Day 23

Hello Everyone!

Last week was a very difficult week for me at work - one that I know I never would have survived without having started the Valcyte and shown some improvement since. It was not fun at all... My boss, thankfully, allowed me to take tonight off as recovery is taking longer than anticipated. :( Thought the feelings of complete emptiness were behind me, I was feeling so good! Was almost considering starting some sort of gentle physical activity again. *sigh* Guess that'll have to wait for a bit yet. Could also be something like I'm fighting off a potential cold - have been having slight cough every now and then. My parents are both sick and I saw them recently...

Overall, it probably would have been a significant crash, instead of the level of fatigue it turned out to be. Feeling a lot like I did the first week of the year - prior to restarting the Valcyte. Hoping that just means that more of the little *^%&ers are dying off!! (insert maniacal laughter here)

Been taking it easy this weekend and sleeping as much as I can - resting on the couch when I can't sleep and occasionally making it to the computer.

Just a minor setback in the long run (I hope!) :D

=== BY THE NUMBERS: Day 23 ===
Weight: 261.4 lbs

Activity Level: 4-6, depending on the day

Current Dosing: 900mg daily in AM

Lab values of note: Nothing new.


I hope you get better soon. I was going to try Valcyte back in 2008, but I was told to be really careful as it can really mess with the liver. Not the die off, the medicine itself. I had several friends that really went under the water with Valcyte so I am going to watch and see how it goes for you.

Hoping it kicks the buggers in the tush!
Thanks for the encouragement Spitfire!

What do you mean by "really went under the water"? I haven't heard that particular phrase before...

Appreciate your reading!

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