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Valcyte - Day 13

Hello Everyone,

Quick update on things for you:
  • Haven't been able to sleep more than 4-5 hours since the other day when I got an amazing 11 hours in.
  • There are periods of lethargy that seem overwhelming - usually just as I'm getting up from my nap to go to work.
  • Haven't had any "really energetic" periods like I did when on just 450mg daily - but still occasionally able to do more. For instance, I was able to wash dishes and take out the garbage 2 days ago.
  • The brain is occasionally razor sharp, but usually is having problems with concentration. Makes it difficult to get cerebral things done to be sure...
  • Feeling an infrequent sensation in my arm muscles that they are strong. Makes me want to strengthen them, lift some weights, but there isn't the energy to make them work for more than a few moments (meaning -> they're still pretty weak).

Have a good week everybody! :D

=== BY THE NUMBERS: DAY 13 ===
Weight: (haven't reweighed)

Activity Level: 5-6, depending on the day

Current Dosing: 450mg twice daily (day six of this level)

Lab values of note: No new labs


hope love light;bt6540 said:
Thank you for sharing your journey and I hope you start to feel better :)
Hope Love Light
Thank you for the well wishes!

I have started feeling better since Day 5. I'm starting to feel like the is potential in my future again. It is such a nice, warm feeling... I'm still tired a lot, and I seem to have gained about 6 lbs in the past 2 weeks, but I'm still encouraged by what is happening and the results I'm beginning to see.

Best wishes to you, Hope Love Light! :D

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