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Valcyte - 4 Months, 23 days

Hello Everyone,

It has been a few weeks and I thought I'd share a bit of what has been happening recently...

The Valcyte has been good enough to get me through shifts at work, which is a miraculous accomplishment in and of itself. However. I can't seem to do anything additional at this time and each occasion in which I try to go a bit "above and beyond", I end up in bed for a few days. Sucks. :sleep:

That being said, I was able to jog a little bit this past weekend (about 180 yards with 3 breaks in there too). Was absolutely thrilled! Had sore muscles all over the place just from that little bit. Historically, the last time I did any sort of running / jogging at all was during a cardiac stress test in May of 2011. W00T!!

I plan on getting labs done later this week and seeing both my Internist and Cardiologist in the next few weeks. Hopefully, everything will be looking a bit better.

On a side note, does anyone know what process causes our bodies to require additional recovery time? Is it lactic acid buildup? Is it lack of oxygen in the system?

My wandering mind is trying to figure this out so that maybe I can work around it - skip doing whatever causes the need to recover and try alternative methods of getting my body going. (IE: If it is cardio that's bad, do gentle anaerobic weights to strengthen muscles...)

I'll update with a "BY THE NUMBERS" on the next post. :D


Good to see you improving, im noticing myself since being on valcyte for over a month that im starting to turn the corner and making it through my run of shifts with some very light exercise in between which i havent done for years. Exercise recovery i would maybe look into creatine which i have been using for a week and think its helping with exercise and recovery, as well as other mitochondrial supps like q10 and carnitine. I will be adding ribose and NAD/NADH soon as well, all these things can help with exercise recovery etc. These supps are popular amongst drug free athletes and bodybuilders.

thanks for your updates,

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