Valcyte 2013- Day 17

Hello Gang:

I'm thrilled to report that there is nothing to report!!! I'm on day 17 on the loading dose of Valcyte 900 mg twice a day and I have not had any problems whatsoever. I just got the results of my weekly blood work and EVERYTHING is NORMAL!!! Even my Lipase level that was quite elevated last week is right in the middle range of normal. I'm not sure what all this means because for a lot of the people who got better on this got a lot worse a couple of weeks in. Maybe it's still to come but so far so good. I hope I'm one of those who will progressively get better. I just want to be a responder more than anything. Mind you I'm still mostly bed ridden so I was already disabled when starting this so it hasn't changed my life much. I still consider myself extremely luck that I do not experience the pain that so many ME/CFSers experience.

Since yesterday I am feeling heavier and weaker than I have recently but that's nothing I'm not used to. I'm very excited at the possibilities.

Until next time, Ciao

My current functioning level: 10-15 %

Daily Valcyte Dosage for three weeks(Montoya Protocol) 5 days to go on this dose
900 mg with breakfast
900 mg with supper

My viral numbers:

Natural Killer Cells: 9 LU
Positive HHV6 - PCR and viral culture
EBV VCA IgG, IFA 1:640
EBV EA 1:160
HHV6 1:320 Same three numbers to fit criteria for Dr. Montoya's study
No Co-Infections
No Pain
No swollen lymph nodes

Labs: Week 2- NORMAL

Current Medications:

3 mg Low Dose Naltrexone
5 mg Hydrocortisone
37.5 mg Trazodone


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