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Valcyte 2013 - 9 months

Hello gang,

Well, as I had hoped I am driving again!!! :thumbsup: My hubby got me a used little car to get around in and I only drive on good days. I can't explain how it feels after three long years!! Tonight I even drove to our local grocery store and was easily able to walk the produce section. I was squealing with joy and my 16 year old daughter was afraid people would think I was crazy! Again it had been three years since I could do that. Is it safe to say that I am finally somewhat self-sufficient???

It's nothing short of a miracle if you ask me!!! Just this past March I was still hugely disabled! I am walking up to 200 steps now.

I have three more months on Valcyte and pray that I don't relapse. I have been really good at pacing and still nap up to three hours every single afternoon.

With Canadian Thanksgiving this coming weekend you know who will be thanking her lucky stars and wishing for others to experience the success I have had on Valcyte.:angel:


So happy for you! Don't worry what your teenager thinks people will think -- teens are programmed to be embarassed by anything their parents do. Your story gives me a lot of hope that valcyte will eventually help me too.

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