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Valcyte - 1 Month, 27 days

Hello Everyone,

It has been an interesting few weeks for me.

I've been at home resting since February 15th, so it has been almost 1 month that I haven't worked. Been tired and really haven't had any sort of increase in endurance - which has me worried since I no longer have a job with my former employer and haven't started with a new one yet. I'm looking to do some agency work as an RN (which pays pretty well when you specialize in Emergency). The hope is that with the increased rate of pay will allow me to work less and thereby keep on top of my fatigue and other symptoms.

As for symptoms: I've been having thigh muscle cramping - not sure what it is from. Hoping it isn't the beginning of something like restless leg syndrome. It feels similar to some descriptions of that though. Very unregulated sleep pattern - this may also be due to my sleeping on the couch a lot more (nearly nightly). Not sleeping as well because of it either, but I snore a good amount now-a-days and the wife has a job that she needs to be able to sleep for. Hence, I get the couch.

I've been on the B-12 and Folate for a few weeks now. Not feeling like it is helping much for energy levels, but hopefully they are doing good things for my liver.

Spring has Sprung!! Yay!!! :victory:

Looking forward to walking some more now to help increase the stamina and pull myself out of this rut.

Wish me luck!!

Weight: 261.8 lbs

Activity Level: 6-7, depending on the day

Current Dosing: 900mg in AM

Lab values of note: Nothing new - should be going in for more tests in a week or two.


good luck Argy, you do night shifts still? Have u used NAC to help with protecting liver, same stuff they use for paracetamol/tylenol overdoses. Agency nursing sounds good to work around fatigue issues, to a degree??


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