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Ups and Downs!

Well it's been quite a few years since my last entry! I had my amalgams removed safely, and followed Andy Cutler's chelation therapy to get the heavy metals out, and I got a lot better! I went from being bed bound to weight lifting, working, walking the dog an hour a day, being a mum again, being me again! But in 2023 I "Crashed" and have gone right downhill, I have bouts of being "stuck-in" my own body 5/6 times. I have seen a functional medicine practitioner and she said I have Epstein-Barr, and possibly Strep & Lyme.

She also said:

Root canals are common causes of chronic illness. This is because when a tooth is root canal filled, only the main canal is filled, and there are miles of tiny canals that are not filled that over years fill with bacteria and other pathogens and being sealed off from oxygen become anaerobic and produce a lot of endotoxins, particularly a group of toxins called thioethers that are produced in the dead tooth and then seep into the bloodstream. The blood marker for this is known as RANTES (also known as Interleukin-5). You also have dental work done around this time and amalgams suspected to have been placed around then. This can all trigger inflammation and any inflammation in the jaw and tooth area are very significant for systemic health. The main antidote to the thioethers is using MSM, but as you are avoiding thiols, use the Propolis mouthwash for this.

She said she thinks I have Retroviruses.

She thinks the 2 jabs I had stirred things up again.

I also have Hashimoto’s.

Oh and I have been coughing a lot when I do manage a walk, this has been happening for 6 months, and the drs think I have COPD!

Even though I feel sad, fed up and defeated sometimes, I am very lucky that I have answers, and that I am working with a functional medicine practitioner.
There is a little boy I am following on social media, who is in intense pain, but he always smiles - If he can do it, so can I. He is my inspiration!


Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency blood levels test? 'Alpha1/COPD' 23andme does not do all the DNA SNP's 100+ mutations. I believe I have this now I will do the Nurse test on July 1st breathing xx

I also have metal allergies 2 damn issues in my teeth a bridge left side & front tooth. I cannot even wear a belt buckle I will itch to death & bleed
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Some being really helped with Lithium Orotate 1,000mcg Life Extension brand on Facebook 1 to 2 mg on MTHFR Gene Mutation xx

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