I am back on imunovir. I have had Extremly good days and Extremly bad days. I think I am much more fucntional but when I get PEM or I go down, I do with the same level of suffering I did before.

I was wondering why if everybody sees me doing better I feel not much progress, My conlcusion is because when I relapse or crash I am getting the same intensity of the balckslash of symptoms. So I am doing better in a sense, I just guess my expectations were that as I get better the symptoms would loose severity. I came to the conclusion that no matter what I am a relpsing remitting case, I cause my downs sometimes, soemtimes I get them no matter how much I rest and I am finding a pattern no matter what I do.

I am now at full dose on Famvir 2 pills a day. So far no much difference or sideeffects. I am strugling with numbness in brain but have no idea why is worse lately. I also found out that walking makes better my latic acid pain, so I need to choose between PEM and Muscle pain, If i walk just the right amount PEM might not be so bad. Unfortunately for the pain to go away I have to cross that line. There is no winning!!!

I am having terrible mood swings, Not sure why. Overall I am improving and


sometimes its hard to rate improvement. But sometimes we notice say with antivirals is that we/i dont crash as hard or for as long compared to pre antivirals. But when in the middle of any crash its hard to say anything is helping, you really have to turn around and see how u have been doing over a few months to get a good gauge. I think most of us are relapsing and remitting to a certain degree.
With immunovir, i think it did help me with sinusitis because when i got to the stage of having a month off was when it returned. I wonder if shorter on and off times might work better eg 1 week off every 4 weeks etc??
things sound on the up, keep it going,
Have you tried walking at a leisurely pace? I find that it is at least as important to keep my activity at a moderate level as to take rest breaks.
Like Heaps, I find it useful to compare how I'm feeling now to six months or a year ago. There are too many ups and downs over a short period of time to compare this week to last week. Compared to a year ago, some symptoms are much better, but overall my "residual functional capacity" has not improved. For me, that is the most important yardstick.

"I need to choose between PEM and Muscle pain". That is not much of a choice. I hope your doctors can help you sort that out.
Thank you all for the comments.
Heaps I will discuss imunovir w Dr.
@ALL: are yours crashes better or they are as intense in symptoms pre antiviral (no duration I am takling about the intensity???).
@Little yes leisure pace apparently will do the trick!

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