So there is hope for a life. I went to animal Kindom, FL, USA. Is a theme park, I rented a scooter (kind of a whole family adjustment) and I did OK from 9:30am - 2pm By the time we left the park I crashed for 3hours, but I was just tired, I didn't feel miserable or had other symptoms. I have been traveling so much and I am still going. Have another work trip planned by the end of the month but still going.

LDN: Has improve, I am more settle in the drug and not having as bad side effects. I think this one is a keeper. I need to increase dose soon, so will keep monitoring close.

OI: My OI is so much better, not sure what is doing the trick if the excercises or the current protocol but obviously I can do more now. Will try to start exercising because I have done so much in this trips I think I can give it a try again.

Other Symptoms: Pain in the neck Is bad but I can still live with it. Not sure I will do anything about it may mention it to my next GP visit. My breast keeps hurting on and off, I need to get that checked, will do an appointment ASAP. Other than that I feel less sick. I get more good times than bad now. I still have days where I wonder why keep pushing, it gets hard some days but then the worse passes and it becomes tolerable again. I think the progress is the one thing that keeps me going.

All other protocol stays the same, I restarted from fatigue to fantastic vit powder because it helps me so much. So will see if this gives me the last push I need.


Good Luck! I'm new here. I got so excited just reading about someone feeling better, I had to comment.

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