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Update-more tweaks

There have been lots of changes. I discovered another active supplement that unblocks another block in the apoptosis pathway and added a new herb to the regimen. That one plus caffeine really sped it up. The galvanic stimulation turned out to not be as helpful as I thought. Basically I don't think it's worth the trouble given the expense of the units and limited coverage and penetration. It is better to focus on exercising the areas and treating them with the apoptosis supplements. What I was seeing was that despite galvanic stimulation many areas wouldn't apoptose. Granted they are old infected areas (ribs, feet), I was symptomatic back to 2008 so these will be the hardest to treat. Lots of trial and error. Still, I'm making better progress now. Hopefully this will finish the program. Oh and the nicotine caused chronic hypertension and I learned that most of the hypertensives block apoptosis (the physician was clueless) but I was able to find one that wasn't incompatible, Bystolic.


@gbells......I suffer from severe rib problems (costochondritis) on my l. side, probably a combination of scoliosis, syringomeylia & ME (plus a few minor things...no accidents though). When I was a child things were controlled by heavy plaster of Paris casts & braces (ugh!).....and this went on for probably 9 years.

I had spinal cord surgery (where they cut into the cord) as a life saving measure when I was 40. I lived in horrendous pain for years until gabapentin, which took 3 mos. to kick in, but it did. In the meantime, I lost my mind....quite literally. Newer drugs, cousins to it have come along, doses are lower...like I keep saying, we're all guinea pigs, the doctors included.

What have you done to help with rib pain. I was taking vitamins/supplments until I had electrolyte problems which hospitalized me with a rare disorder called Autoimmune Encephalitis. Not very pleasant and it can affect different parts of one's brain. I'm just lucky mine was psychological b/c those folks are still being put in pscyhiatric hospitals. I have no immune system. Thanks for your help. Yours, Lenora.
@gbells.......Dang, I should do a better job of proofreading. Sorry. I should add that mine wasn't a psychological cause, so in at least this area I was fortunate. This is a fairly new disease and creates havoc and death if not diagnosed in time. My doctors are great, however no one really understands this and how to keep a proper balance of electrolytes. Scoliosis was controlled as a child. Things like SM and Arnold-Chiari Malformation couldn't be detected until the advent of the MRI (thank goodness for that wonderful machine...you know it pretty well stopped exploratory surgery in its tracks?) I'm 73 by the way. Thanks again. Lenora.

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