Update: Feeling good; How OI feels like

Overall I am doing great, Still on the same protocol. I have increased the Famvir to 2 halfs a day (one pill total) Will increase tomorrow to the next dose.

I am doing great, I am at base before the major crash. I do not have much limitations (still no running) except when I skip the OI meds, The issue is that sometimes I forget, and like you cannot laydown on it, I just skip it after 4pm. If I do that too many days in a row I do feel it.

The symptoms left are muscle pain and a little of the head thingy (buzz, like tender and inflammation feeling).

Is very interesting what OI was/is, now I can be sure due to the symptoms that appear when I am off the meds Vs while on it. Fatigue, The burning and weakness while going up the stairs. The shortness of breath, the lifting my arms over my head, The I am gonna pass out while having Bowel movements feeling, PEM, exercise intolerance, the if I don't lay down right now I am gonna die feeling. Brain fog, Swallowing issues, anal contractions, muscle weakness. I can go and on, I think most of the disabling symptoms I was having were due to OI.


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