update 8/24/13

I am not sure what is working but I am going to count my blessings. I have had mostly very clear head, I feel almost normal. I am having a little bit of burning as I type but not as bad as usually is. I also have much more energy but I am not about to test my limits, I will let my body use it to repair and get better. So like I run to the gym the other 3 times I started getting better and ended up crashed, I will try a different approach this time and see if I get better instead of crashing.

I have had very bad stiff neck, I mean painful and hard to move neck, I don't know if this is a symptom from CFS or something totally un-related. I happen to have an appointment tomorrow with GP so I will ask about that.

So far so good, in progress Mode!!!
Mentally strong and happy. Trying to avoid stress also !!!


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