Update 7/12/13, emergency room visit

This crap really sucks, I am going through a painful period, I am not sure if it is because I increased the LDN again to 3mg, I am sure it is not overdoing I have been resting a lot and taking it easy.

I am so tired of feeling like crap most of the time, even when we say we feel good is crappy.

I had terrible bout of nausea, and started throwing up and ended up in the hospital Saturday afternoon, I started having an stoppable nausea and was having contractions up and down. That effort got me on a crash and dehydrated. So I had to visit the emergency room. My first time with CFS, then I got there the guy thoguht his BP link was broken (it was all over the place, not too bad though just varying a lot) . HR was impressively good. Anyways if you end up there and you say you have orthostatic intolerance they can understand that. They will monitor your HR and your BP which is what is important on a CFS crash. So from now on if I ever go again that is what I will say instead of CFS.

The rest is the same, same drugs and I am kinda in a platuo right now. Gonna see Dr soon so I am planning to ask to raise the stakes, I am getting tired of this crap.



Uggh. Vomiting is such an awful experience. I am so grateful it is not one of my symptoms.

I really like the idea of telling the ER people one has POTS instead of CFS. I've never heard anyone, not even doctors, suggest that OI is 'psychological'.
I hope you are feeling better. My experience of hospitals have been that they dont understand OI at all, they even went as far as not writing down my very flutuating BP results as they kept on thinking their machines were giving off errors when it was how my BP shifts, when I change positions even in bed. jimells.. even POTS can be caused psychologically eg someone spending too much time in bed can cause OI and POTS (this is why exercise is often recommended for POTS people).

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