Update 5/7/13

I have been doing great for the most part. I am in a very high level of fucntioning. I work full time, I do not have to watch so much to keep my feet up and can make it throught the day without naping or rest time.

I have been going to the gym everyday. I do very light weights, focusing on legs and abs. Try to walk at least 10min a day and if I don't go to the gym then I walk full 2.5 miles.

The funny thing is I am soo much better but I still have CFS. I get very bad symptoms sometimes and I can feel quite miserable at times. I dont think it is overdoing but is more when it is going to come, it comes, Ussually feels more like inflamation of my brain and I have noticed if I take a midodrine (ussually I crash when the dose is over or close to be over) then like 10 min later I am up again. Bad is when the crash is at night then I have to suffer throguh it because I dont take midodrine after 6pm. So I try to be smart about dosing so I am cover for the night.

I had veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad heart pain last night. Ussually that means IN MY CASE when I am overdoing on b12 but I am not supplementing, so not sure how to solve it this time, the episode was so strong and lasted about 1 minute where the thing (valve maybe) or whatever got contracted just would not let go and flex so I was in so much pain until it finally relaxed, after I was left with like muscle pain in heart!!! I know weired!! but I am very careful today and I am trying not to overdo, I skipped gym and all.

Life is great, I am socializing and having fun. It get rought mostly at night but I think I am in a good path.

I just have so many questions like last night should I have gone to Dr or ER?? I was having so many wiered symptoms like numbness in a very particualr part of the brain. I am having breast issues....
When I see GP god bless his heart he is so lost and the CFS speciaist is so far I dont knw what to do, who to call, who can at least drive me in the right direction so I dont make a mistake that could cost me my recovery. I think this is a circualtion issue, is what is feeling like but my electrophisiologyst is an idiot so not sure what to do.

Overall good and Happy.


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