Unsustanable energy

So my test has been going well. I have been EXTREMELY Active, I do not feel fatigue anymore (CFS like) I do get tired but not that deep bone I am going to die fatigue.

I am set on 5mg upon breakfast of midodrine and 5 mg 4h later. I cannot lay down as I could on 2.5mg. So is kinda of hard when I overdo. But I mean I have been cooking for hours, going to mall for hours and so on. I have not stopped. But I am starting to see an increase of other symptoms, specially pain. My left knee, back, shoulders and neck are killing me. And I have also experienced issues sleeping. I feel inflammation on the gut, head (Even my husband commented on me being swollen).

So even though I can do more on midodrine 10mg per day. My CFS might not be able to tolerate that pace. But is holidays so my daily demand on regular days shouldn't be this bad. I will keep try to keep the dose but lower the activity and try to rest more and see if pain eases up. I feel tired today (regular tired) like when one has used muscles that you haven't used in awhile.


I cannot tolerate the full dose of imunovir so I have not raised the NK but one time and it went back down. I am trying full dose now and will know how is it going after April. I get burning stool and burning fluids when on full dose. But somehow that has gotten better and I don't get as acidic.

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