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So, a couple of weeks back I had completed an aptitude test for entry into uni. As I had little sleep the night before paired with the beginnings of a cold on top of my CFS/ME, my doubts about my performance were strongly justified. However just a week ago, I received a letter giving me my test results and although I scored poorly on Quantitative Reasoning (only scored better than 49% of those who took the test), I scored reasonably well in Verbal Reasoning (better than 86%). Though ME has affected the speed at which I can digest language and produce it, the ability that has been most affected has been my ability to deduce the answers to numerical and spatial problems. I received my offer for entry to study Bachelor of Health Sciences at my university of choice, which was my first preference. Although I am beyond surprised and joyful at having received this offer, I'm very worried I will have to leave my studies at any time due to my illness.. as I have had to leave school, volunteering and other commitments. Fingers crossed things go well.


Thank-you Hutan! I am so incredibly grateful I have been able to achieve this. It gives me great hope and reason to look forward with anticipation and not dread.
Well done on getting your first choice!

A few things. I do remember being upset that I didn't do better (I still did well, but...). Literally no one ever asked what score I got. Once you are at uni, no one really cares how you got there (or what score you got.)

This illness definitely impacts our ability to do exams and tests. I too did not do as well in the "Quantitative Reasoning" part, as I expected and did very well on the "Verbal Reasoning" part instead. Likewise, my performance on math exams at uni suffered, getting not so great grades on exams that I didn't really consider to be 'difficult'. But in the end, I was just happy to get through the course.
All that said, it is possible to get through uni! Have you had an appointment with the DLO yet? Worth doing ASAP if you have not done so yet.

As I said previously, if you must, you can drop courses before the census date without (week 5ish) any penalties (including financial). In first year I could handle 2-3 courses per semester, but this dropped to 1-2 courses by 3rd year. Your experiences may differ. You can also drop after that if your health situation changes significantly (requires you to fill in a form though).
Interestingly Adelaide Uni seems to be proposing some novel changes!
Video lectures are a good thing in my opinion. You can watch them whenever you are feeling like you have a bit of energy. Apart from that, the best advice I can give (even though it is obvious) is form a decent study group early on with motivated students (often mature age students are quite motivated to get high grades and won't necessarily be going to lectures either). That will help greatly, not only for the obvious, but finding lab partners (good lab partners can be the difference between getting an A and failing a lab), group projects etc. You don't want to be the one who is assigned to be the shepherd of lazy students in group projects!
This is great news-congratulations angee! Enjoy getting in to your institution of choice for a few days before worrying about how your illness might affect the experience. :) I'm in another country, I think, where things might work differently--but if you can, reach out before term begins to the university office for disability or similar--they can help set up any accommodations you need (like that extra time on tests). And if you need to take a slower path to the degree, maybe by taking fewer classes during a usual term, that's ok.

EDIT: And after writing this, I read Snow Leopard's similar and much more experienced advice. Definitely agree!

Thank you Vasha and Snow Leopard!
I will be planning to use video lectures as much as possible. I haven't made an appointment with the DLO, but I am going to first thing tomorrow morning. I wasn't sure I would get in, so I didn't bother making an appointment as I was really doubting myself. I hope the faulty QR is something that can be improved upon... they have a Maths Learning Centre and I'm planning to go there to help me with my maths skills.. especially as they use lots of statistics in a course that is compulsory. I have an appointment with my doctor in about 5 days time, in which I can discuss what the best option for me should be. I might start with 3 courses, see how I cope and if I struggle then drop down to 2. I know it might take me longer to complete the degree due to my limitations.. but I am strongly motivated to go through with it. Thanks for all the info guys! Hopefully I'll improve further the remainder of this year.. so I can do closer to a full time load, if not a full time load.
You sound so like my daughter. Please see, Hannah's story, she is now completely recovered.

Wish you all the best

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