Universal Law Series - Law of Supply

August 18, 2010

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Law of Attraction
Law of Thought

The next universal law, which is number 2 on the list of 11, is the Law of Supply. Now this one comes in second on the list for a good reason. After the Law of Thinking, there needs to be adequate supply to have a chance at creating what we are thinking. After all, without proper supplies, how can everything we try to attract come into manifestation?

The Law of Supply is one such law that shows us that within the great expanse of the All, nothing is ever gone, lost, or deleted. Just as in the natural world around us, all energy is simply recycled. When I look around me at the wilderness, there is always energy, always supply, no matter what. Sure one ecosystem may have drought or flood, feast or famine, but we need to expand our view beyond the singular and encompass everything within our vision. All earth ecosystems exist upon the earth and so we need to look at all ecosystems, not just one. Everything is recycled in the natural world, no matter how slowly or quickly, it is recycled. Even radioactive waste is eventually recycled.

I began to ponder this in even greater terms when I was young. If this is the pattern of the earth then it must also be the pattern of all life in existence. I looked up to the stars and realized that everything up there was also following the pattern of recycling. Where else could anything go? It had to be recycled. If everything was always recycled then how could there ever not be enough Supply for everything?

All that has been remains still today and will be there in the future. The universal supply is infinite.

Therefore our conscious realization needed to embrace this reality, this awareness so that we have the proper mindset to attract and create. If we feel there is not adequate supply, we will run short along our pursuits to attract and create.

So what is the catch? Well, what I realized many years ago is that supply means everything, not just what we judge as “good” or “bad”, “wealthy” or “poor”. Everything, every energy on all scales is supplied in the totality of ALL. That means everything is part of the supply. This means we all have the potential of attracting and creating any of it that can manifest in this physical reality upon this earth. You see not everything can exist here on earth or manifest in this physical reality.

It is also important to understand that overall balance needs to be kept in mind. Not the balance of this planet alone, but the balance of the All. Just because there is an adequate supply of water let us say, here on earth, does not mean there are adequate water sources on Mercury or Pluto. To understand how supply works we must not only be aware of the existence of adequate supply within the totality of the All, BUT also the reality that there is a great deal more than just little old us here on earth, and supply is dispersed by the All in a way that fits best with the reality of balance within the all-encompassing All. This pattern may or may not fit with our personal and limited understood wants and wishes.

It is also very important when working with the Law of Thinking to understand that what we may think is not necessarily what the universe knows. We may think that wealth is financial security and abundance. The universe however does not deal in money, but energy and wealth mean a whole lot more than money. So if we are thinking and trying to attract Wealth, we need to understand that words and thoughts are very ambiguous. Wealth can be a great many things of which money is a very small part. It becomes necessary to understand these things if we are not to be disappointed when trying to create and attract in our lives. Also, many things we try to attract take time, lots of time because we are consciously locked into a physical world of linear time. Also due to the evolutionary process of this world and the many influences, this physical reality seems to be getting denser and therefore heavier and slower. This slows down the ability to create quickly and easily as people of old could do.

Another point is the fact that just because you want something might not be what is best for you. We may want perfect health, but perhaps, if one believes in “higher powers”, higher plans, personal spiritual evolution, etc, for us to have the best chance at learning all that we might have come here to learn, perfect health would hinder that higher process. This in itself is part of acceptance and it plays a large part in both the Law of Thought and the Law of Supply.

There are a great many things at work surrounding these Universal Laws, much more than many people know of, focus on, or want to think about. This is not cut-and-dry work and energy. It is a vastly complex and ever-fluctuating set of energetic evolutions through the existence of which we grasp only a tiny part.

Law of Thinking is followed by Law of Supply. One depends upon the other and one supports the other.

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