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Universal Law Series - Law of Compensation

August 21, 2010

continued from:

Law of Attraction
Law of Thought
Law of Supply
Law of Receiving
Law of Increase

The harder we try to obtain something, the further that something seems to get from us. We try too hard and waste energy because we do not understand the 6th universal law, Law of Compensation.

We are taught to work hard and if we still do not get what we want, then do whatever it takes to get it. Today’s whole modern social system is based upon this state of imbalance; instant gratification is expected and demanded. The younger generations become less and less patient and expect things immediately when in reality it takes a great deal of hard work, energy, and time. With the speed of technology, they are taught and conditioned to think the entire world works just as fast, but this is not the case, so they retreat from reality and get even more lost in the virtual world of instant gratification and pumped-up egos for skills not earned.

The Law of Compensation is based upon trust and patience. If we lack either or, we will fail to understand this universal law, and break the balance as we seek to force what should not be forced.

You decide you want a garden. First, you need to find the right place and size. Then you need to break the soil and design the layout. You may need fences, walkways, gates, and other constructions. Is it a ground garden or raised beds? What kinds of plants will grow in your location? Where can you get those seeds? When should those seeds be planted? Do any need to be started indoors? Once all of this is figured out you begin the physical work. After it is all said and done and the seeds are planted, you water and weed, water and weed, hoe and tend.

• Thought
• Supply
• Attraction
• Receiving
• Increase

Those previous laws were all at work. Now you wait. This takes trust and patience that all your hard work will “pay off” when the time is right. Law of Compensation, cannot be rushed, forced, or manipulated. Extraordinary efforts above and beyond or stooping to taking from others what is not yours will not allow the Law of Compensation to work. If you are following and honoring all the other laws, the Law of Compensation will play out, in its own time. Once again we must understand that we are vast spirits that live eternally far beyond the flesh boundaries of this earth. The Law of Compensation does not dictate that all our efforts will “pay off” for us in this earth walk. We must grow enough inside ourselves to trust that our efforts will bring a return when the time is proper for us and thus most beneficial, and that may or may not be in this life.

The universe will make good so long as your intentions were clear and well-founded. Trust and patience, are two things seriously lacking in the world today as a whole.

Next Up - Law of No-Resistance
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