Under Pain Medicated Mini Rant

I am so tired of being severely undermedicated when I'm in a massive flare up of screaming pain. And I am so tired of hospital staff or doctor's office staff just looking at me like I'm a drug seeker. When I'm having a flare up, like I have been since Thursday, the pain is like someone is ripping every nerve cell out of your body. It's nerve pain, it's not like broken bone pain, although, my Lyme arthritis in my lower back has been feeling like I broke it, too. Regular narcs don't work. And no one in this town is willing to prescribe Lyrica. Every doc here is scared of that drug for some reason. And I have asked for it at two different doctor's offices, and my friend asked at her clinic, too. No one will give it.

I can't take most regular narcs, I have bad reactions to them. I can't take NSAIDs because of the acid reflux, it makes it a million times worse on me. And anything else, the doc's pat answer is "I don't want to addict you". I HATE that answer. Just get me out of this pain. Isn't that their job?

The butalbital I take only takes some of the nerve pain away, it's not working on the rest or my back pain. So today, I'm dying. There have to be other choices for pain that work, that I could take. And not that Enbrel, Humera, Remicade crap. I fully believe that junk played a large role in why my mother is dead now.

I'm just tired of having these bad flares and nothing that really works for them.


Flare-ups of pain, be it CFS or FM (like I have), or any other pain conditions really have my sympathy.

I had an allergic reaction to Tramadol & Lyrica.

In the past, I have found that my own pain treatment is best by taking prescription meds only when pain stops me doing my normal daily routine.

I keep the strong stuff for the worst of the worst days (so I don't get addicted to codiene or regular daily use which after about 3 weeks doesn't work at all).

Now I'm not working, I find a really funny movie that makes me laugh out loud seems to give some pain relief.

Getting around constant pain (or flare-ups) is a really big challenge.

Is there anything besides drugs which have given some relief from pain for you?

I might add, it took me many years to get over the need for regular pain meds daily. Alot of it was to get through the work day in an office.

Now I have better coping skills since I have complete control over what I do each day & don't have to sit down in an office all day.
have you tried to get them to prescribe Neurontin Maybe?? it's a sister to Lyrica, my doc says they work just about the same.

thats wierd noone will prescribe it, the docs here will give you a script no Prob. it's not addicting, so whats the deal?
The doctors here said they have had very bad experiences with giving patients Lyrica or Neurontin. I don't know what happened.
I did awful on lyrica. Slurring words awful and didn't do anything for my pain. I don't know where you live in this state, but where I live everyone gives neurontin and lyrica. I can get it at most of my docs who take medicare or medicaid.
Have you tried checking with the company that makes lyrica to see if they can get you in touch with docs in your area that prescribe it? don't know if that info is legal...but may be worth a try. also don't know if a pharmacist can help...but you could try that also.

lyrica has been a God-send to me. i've been taking it since last fall and it has helped tremendously. i also take cymbalta, but less than when i took it alone. my doc put me on lyrica when cymbalta stopped being effective. despite going thru a major personal crisis recently, it is still proving effective. my pain is way less and i have more energy, i believe because of pain relief. i take it morning and night time. i was away last week and missed a day. i could tell a difference. don't know if this constitutes addiction...but i am very grateful for the relief i've gotten after 3 years of a huge flare-up!

i'll pray if lyrica will help you, you will find a doc to prescribe it.
resting still....
I have gone from taking a codeine/paracetomol combination when needed to taking tramadol at same time everyday. This has reduced overall pain med usage. I tried lyrica but maybe not long enough....did not seem to do anything. Seems every country has its different ideas and I think in Australia we have more choice.

Really sorry to hear about the pain. Mine is bad today and I took tramadol, zomig and mobic.......and I am still in pain. Need to get to chiropractor soon.......V

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