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Hi guys,

So I have been taking tudca for about 6 to 7 days 250mg a day. I have been quite shocked at some of the improvements, here's a list:

1. initially improved cognitive clarity (less so in subsequent days likey due to poor sleep)
2. Physical fatigue disappeared and even when I had a bit of a crash on exertion one night, I woke up the next day without PEM. I almost didn't notice, I was really shocked about this one to be honest with you.
3. my allergic asthma stopped (I suffer badly with this in oct/nov, less so from dec to march) in the spring and summer of 2023 I had the worst allergic asthma and allergy symptoms I've ever had. Studies show tudca prevents er stress, allergic asthma is caused by ER stress (most pwme have some form of breathlessness).
4. asthmatic cough stopped.
5. congestion which had been bad for weeks (about 4) just dried up and was gone, only came back when I stopped dosing.
6. chronic sore throat vanished on day 2/3

1. some dizziness
2. far too hyperactive (is this an IRIS response?)
3. insomnia (half the night very poor sleep if you can call it that)
4. dryer mouth than usual, which came and went but causes me to get canker sores.

I did some research and found out taht rna viruses and dna viruses both cause ER stress. There's a theory that they use this to further replication. So everything would seem to point to the viruses once again. Think I may try some rna antivirals as my improvement december to march (100% healed hpa axis dysfunction and 90% ME function) only happened after taking a short course of rna antivirals.

@Judee @hapl808 @junkcrap50 @mariovitali @Hip


corona as in covid19 is known to cause stomach/gut problems.

my story is similiar like yours, same problem with allergic asthma.
mine is exarcerbated with b vitamins and plant extracts somehow.
i will give tudca another try.

did you try taurine once? TUDCA is basically a compound of UDCA + taurine, maybe the taurine is giving you improvements.
worth a try.

but thanks for post, this gives me another angle i might try. didnt know the ER stress and allergic asthma relation.

for vitamin C i am trying out a new acerola juice from schonenberger. i seam to tolerate better than acerola powder which causes allergic asthma for me.

also i am trying out 100% cocoa chocolate for copper.

which TUDCA brand you are using?
Sounds promising so far.

I've tried TUDCA at doses of 250 mg daily, but did not notice much, unfortunately.

I find it helps reduce my "information sensitivity", which is a mental symptom I have, whereby words, ideas or concepts cause anxiety and mental unease.

But I only take a quarter of a 250 mg capsule to treat my information sensitivity, as I find a full capsule causes worsened anhedonia.
It's strong stuff @Hip but as we all know I over react to most things, Insomnia is a super common side for me, I think only a few people here have that side like I do, it seems rarer.

I'm also going to drop to 25mg, 250mg just gives me bad insomnia. Interestingly it also has the same side effects as SSRI's so I have no idea what it is doing to cause that.

I am hoping I can titrate over time, my digestion was fine on it too, zero issues, no weird cramps even if they are mild.

Main issue for me was hyperactivity and insomnia I'd say.

@linusbert not sure if you're from germany but ther's a PR member who told me bodybio tudca is good quality and not dodgy. I am taking a cheaper brand (can't find the brand right now sorry). Taurine gives me insomnia too, maybe I should try UDCA - this is an excellent shout. Thank you!

I'm still really amazed how it worked to treat my asthma so well, I do think it might treat my allergies in the summer if I get desperate (and can find a lower dose that doesn't keep me awake...or maybe just take it once a week, it seems to last into the following days).
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Thanks, @godlovesatrier, I was actually going to order TUDCA today....but that insomnia "thing" really put me off. I'm having a bad bout of it now, let alone extending it any longer than necesesary.

I really think some of us just have strange reactions to meds & vitamins. Often we should take less than advised. I'm spending a fortune on vitamins and supplements....and now alone comes a new list. True, I have some of them, but my mind isn't functioning as well as it used to so things are getting a bit confusing.

I'm glad that people are helped by these protocols, especially if they have a lot of their lives ahead of them....they should try. As we get old(er) our bodies settle in to our condition. So, if you're young, GO FOR IT! Yours, Lenora
@lenora if you don't get insomnia from taurine I think you'll be find with tudca, just so you know. Otherwise maybe give it a miss.

I do actually feel a lot better today for not taking it, and the benefits of no congestion have actually persisted, so the improvements I got from 5 days worth have partly stayed. I also have a bad canker sore and it has only begun to heal today. Taurine really isn't good for me for some reason, it is supposed to calm you down ha! Does the opposite to me.

I did take less yesterday and yet remained over stimulated, but the brainfog was the worst part to be honest, quite severe, need to get rid of it before i can contemplate retrying. However I think I will prob tr metformin in the new year instead, hopefully no insomnia with that and many similair benefits.

Good luck.
However I think I will prob tr metformin in the new year instead, hopefully no insomnia with that and many similair benefits.
if you consider metformin , you might actually reconsider taking berberine. works basically same also in same dosage, should have a bit fewer side effects and then other new side effects, berberine should be paused from time to time because of liver.. metformin causes vitamin deficiencies especially b12, folat among them and also gut microbiome changes.
@linusbert not sure if you're from germany but ther's a PR member who told me bodybio tudca is good quality and not dodgy. I am taking a cheaper brand (can't find
that PR member could have been me, i ordered it today again because it was sold out - got email notice. and now again on same day sold out again. crazy demand for this on iherb.
This is my second time on metformin and in both cases I've had no side-effects.....or minimal at best. I'm tired of drug changes, vitamin changes (and lost money if they don't work), but have found that metformin is just fine FOR me. Take a road and follow its direction. It may help make the decision easier. Yours, Lenora
metformin and in both cases I've had no side-effects.

these issues vary by individual...the advice I was given, was due to my particular digestive issues and related issues.

I realize side effects don't always happen. Then, somehow "other effects" just about always happen (like for me, the pill will dry me out further and so I choke and I stop taking whatever that pill is).
Yes, we're individuals in almost everything we do and take. It would be so much easier if we weren't, In that particular regard, at least. Yours, Lenora

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