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Trying Pau D'Arco

My newest addition to the regimen is the supplement Pau D'Arco. I have some mixed feelings about it because it stops cell growth while increasing apoptosis by increasing cytochrome C so I have to be careful dosing it. It was shown to be effective against herpes virus 1 and 2 and for multiple myeloma (cancer). I took two evening doses totalling 1.25 g and my perception so far is that has good appetite sensing and does seem to be increasing the burning (apoptosis) sensation at swollen (inflamed) tissue with very fast skin itching over the inflammed areas (good sign). However, I will be watching to see the effects on rapidly growing tissue (skin, hair, nails) and I will probably limit the duration of treatment with this herb, taking breaks, if the tissue effects are too strong. Sometimes being a guinea pig has disadvantages but I want to keep trying different apoptosis enhancers until hopefully this works. The amount of swollen tissue is decreasing but the metatarsals and ribs have been slow to clear so I want to try this herb and oxymatrine next.

Rxlist says not to take it for longer than 7 days. Similar chemotherapy drugs are taken one day per week every 7 days with clearance in 12 hours. I will be watching this one closely. I'm not sure how to dose it yet. Side effects to watch out for are slower clotting time and with the rx drugs leukopenia.

Following day noticed much stronger numbness at problem metatarsal area. Encouraging. No appetite need next morning.

4 day Update (7/27/2020)-Pau D'Arco definitely improves the system (speeds inflammation clearing, the metatarsals and chronic rib periostitis are much better). According to a pharmacist the dose I am taking is low so I can extend treatment up to three weeks. Woo hoo!


Wow this supplement really added to the system. I'm sleeping much more due to the energy drain and I feel more energetic when I get up. The inflammed areas are repairing about 4x faster. I think its working.
Definitely noticing much slower healing of cuts. This is consistent with growth phase inhibition. Much deeper and more restful sleep. Had fasciculation in the right tricep muscle which lasted about an hour, indicative of nerve apoptosis. Previously fasciculations lasted for hours-days in early ME. Feel much warmer in abdominal area and shoulders.
I was able to tolerate 9 days on PDA then poorly healing cuts on my hands told me to take a break. The internet said to take it 7 days max but the pharmacist said it was ok to increase to duration if you are taking less than 2 g to 4 g per day which I was. After stopping PDA for one day my sleep quality drastically improved. Minor wound healing takes 3-7 days so I'll pause that long before restarting. It will be interesting to see how this goes for a few cycles. Still having massive energy drains and painful apoptosis, especially in the evening when cortisol is low. However, daytime pain is definitely trending lower which is a good sign.

Another thing which was interesting was that the PDA suppressed my facial rash from systemic lupus erythematosus (I have both SLE and ME). After three days off of it the rash came back.
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Any update on this? I just started using it as part of an antiviral herbal tincture, but only one drop a day (ramping up to 40 drops, but I assume that’s still way under 2-4g of the stuff).

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