Trusting the Numbers 4: Practicalities

It took me a while to figure out what I needed for staying in bed (or in a recliner). My current setup would have made things easier from the beginning.

On the bedside table:
  • Lamp
  • Rectangular basket in which I keep:
  • medication
  • cloth bag with my devices (thermometer, O2 meter, and so forth)
  • toiletries: toothpaste, deodorant, nail clippers, tissues, hair stuff
  • pens, pencils
  • Chargers and such
  • Electrolyte powder in case I want some when no one else is around to help me with it

On a small table beside my bed (which I plan to put a tray on, to keep things from falling off):
  • A towel used as a tablecloth to absorb random drops
  • Two glasses, one of plain water and one of electrolyte solution
  • Dice for keeping track of how many times my glasses get filled
  • Food: peanut butter, apples, salt shaker, spoon
  • Space for dishes and such as needed
  • Toothbrush

On a small table on the other side of the bed:
  • Books and magazines associated with my hobbies
  • Paper and a clipboard
  • My laptop and its charger
  • A smaller basket with crafting supplies, waiting for the day when I can use them without exceeding my limits

On the floor beside my bed is a wastebasket, placed so that I can drop something in it without looking or stretching.

Hanging on a bedpost is a towel, which I use to protect me and the bed while I’m eating and drinking.

Even when I would have needed help to access any of this, it would have been convenient for everyone to have had it close by and organized.

I haven’t figured out the best place to keep my phone, so I keep losing it among the bedcovers.

On days when I go downstairs, it’s easy for someone to grab the basket, my laptop, and my water. (I take charge of the phone!)


I've often thought that maybe having a small refrigerator and mini micro in my room would be nice. (I haven't gotten them so far...just more of a thought.)

Also I can make it to the restroom most of the time but currently have a commode and supplies in my room for times when I'm in a severe crash.

For the phone, could you hang a teacup hook and a little purse or holder of some sort on the wall somewhere near??

Of course, you wouldn't want them somewhere where you might bang your head (when you climb into bed) or your hand (when you reach for the phone).
HI @Cool Breezes.....Yes, your set-up is very much like mine. Everything is handy, but on one table only. My husband has added a slide out wooden piece of sort sort that holds the extras you mentioned. Wastebasket is handy, as are towels and, of course, my books.

I'm bedridden part of the time....due to fractures and the summer heat. I do go out in the a.m.

I have an overhead fan control, and Rod programed my vertical fan and different lamps throughout the entire room (which is very useful) and then an overhead fan control, also quite useful.

I have the same problem with losing my phone and my multiple contraptions (including adjustable bed control) and TV controls later in the evening. We watch the news together and then a movie of some sort. Reading occupies most of my time, music as a background and then visits from family and friends (not too often these days).

Judee often has great ideas, and I think her idea of having a microwave, etc., is a good one. I have no need of that now, but for those alone it's good. Box of tissues is also good but, as you say, things tend to get lost amidst the bedclothes. We use our back porch (mosquito curtains, don't want it enclosed) a lot. I'm bothered by the heat, my husband isn't.

Anymore ideas would be appreciated, probably by all 3 of us. Yours, Lenora

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