TRPM3 blocker isosakuranetin

In short and based on new research regarding TRPM3, would ME/CFS sufferers benefit from living in a cold climate, removing all stress and eating more Isosakuranetin-rich foods? So far, this is what I'm deducing from the research literature. Also, dauer (hibernation due to environmental stress) is a big deal (cell danger response). I'm curious if the stress can be internal like a virus or even food-related as opposed to just external. Do notice the "B cell" keyword in all this which links back to the Norwegian stuff. I'm so glad the scientific community is finally getting traction on "our" ME/CFS! I'm sure the drug companies are salivating at this prospect as well. It will be good to see what they come up with and hope it works. I've been doing intense research the last few months on this although I haven't sewn it all together yet. Here are some links supporting my understandings. Please feel free to crack this and come up with some good/novel therapy considerations.


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