Treatment attempt #1

It’s fall and all I want to do is start hibernating. I feel like it would be a great time to try the GAPS diet again, but I don’t have the energy for all the food prep and cooking from scratch. Although I know I have a leaky gut, it seems healing my gut is like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound. I feel like the root cause is somewhere else.

I could be wrong. I started reading the Nemechek Protocol and the author believes that altered gut bacteria causes toxins to pass through a leaky gut, thus causing brain inflammation and demyelination. Maybe demyelination could alter the autonomic nervous system, messing with my body’s most basic functions - affecting the lower brain that controls blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, sleep, etc. A leaky gut would allow environmental hits like toxins, molds, pesticide laden food, infections, and viruses to have easier access to our brain. Dysfunction of the lower brain could result in poor sleep (less restorative REM sleep), inability to maintain blood pressure/HR (POTS), poor temperature regulation (it takes a lot of energy to keep a body warm), and so much more that I don’t understand yet. My mind is focusing on the lower brain because it’s at the base of the skull, the cervical area. It’s the most primal part of the brain and would take the first hit if toxins were able to cross the blood brain barrier (just my understanding of it) - and it’s role in the autonomic system.

Looking at how trauma can affect our autonomic nervous system, the damage is actually identical. The Polyvagal Theory by Richard Porges explains this better than I ever could. Basically when there is any psychological (and to a lesser extent, physical) trauma during development it can damage the vagus nerve and cause dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system. In my mind Porges kind of scientifically explains Frueds “death drive” and why it can seem like people with a history of trauma lose their pleasure principle (the theory that everyone has a strong will to live because they driven by pleasure).

Dr. Nemechek writes that by repairing the microbiome of the gut you allow the lining of the gut to heal and eventually the brain will heal itself when the toxins and propionic acid are no longer roaming freely where they don’t belong. He uses rifaximin, quality EVOO (que Rachel Ray), fish oils high in DHA, and avoidance of all omega 6s and probiotics. He uses inulin, a pre-biotic, in some cases, but I think I would need the prescription rifaxamin for my many decades of gut damage.

I was fortunate enough to get a script for rifaximin, but I’m ordering from Canada since the tyrannical big pharma in the US charges 40 times more for the same medication. The only downfall is that I will have to wait at least a month for it.

In the meantime I am going to try the Cusack Protocol for EDS. Technically I have EDS, but I don’t have the pain that many people deal with. My thinking is that the Cusack Protocol focuses on building up collagen which will help heal the gut as well as support the myelin sheaths of the nerves and neurogenesis. Seems in line with the goal of the nemechek protocol right? I’ll try to post what it entails a bit later.

Well, that was longer than I expected. All in the name of the scientific method . . . kind of?
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