I have toxoplasmosis in my eye i was diagnosed in 2007 i had gone completely blind in my right eye and didn't know what was going on so i went to the emergency room and was promptly sent to a retinal specialists who told me i had a very severe case of toxo in my eye. since then it has reactivated 3 times and i have done tireless research on this parasite. i have yet to be tested thru my blood but i'm not sure how to go about getting tested thru my blood. today i was looking for free resources to get a specific count on the parasite to no avil. I am aware this will never go away and i may possible go blind perm in my right eye. i want to help with research for this diagnosis. and maybe get some more information on what i have in the process.


I don't know that much about toxoplasmosis, but is your right eye permanently blind or do you have periods of sight in between the reactivations? I've had no luck getting tested for viruses, bacteria, etc. with titre testing but it seems like it's generally the job of an infectious disease doctor. I'm sure you know more than I do about what a retinal specialist can order or can do. What type of doctors/specialists do you see now? I hope you can make some progress figuring this out and at least find a way to keep more reactivations at bay.
I would deeply investigate:
-taking long time artesunate (also common for me/cfs pescribed by Cheney and De Meirleir). I personally take one every day for 4 months now. However i don't know if it is effective agains toxo.
-treatments mentioned on wikipedia:
Helo Kelly from another Kelly :) I was born with Toxo and am legally blind in my left eye from it as the scars from the infection pretty much took over the Macula. In the right it came pretty darn close but I can see. They didn't even tell my mom that I was born with this. Not to mention eye doctors after not knowing and only looking at the so called lazy eye. It's NOT a lazy eye when muscles were never attached. I too was told it could reactivate and that if it does and hits in the same area I will be blind.
Do you have pictures of your eye? Are you seeing a specialized Ophthalmologist? He would know what blood tests there are to be done?
I did have the EBV checked for and found that I had it recently. I don't feel "sick" when I'm sick so didn't even realize I had it. I have no idea what blood tests need to be done either but hopefully come March I can go to the eye doc again and also get a new pic done for comparison. I'm doing the LDN (low dose naltrexon) treatment for Fibromyalgia and it seems to be working on the Lupus lesions as well... So for now.. I'm doing good and have the energy to get through my day. Nice to see there is someone somewhere closer to me.. :)

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