Top 10 Retro Songs

Here's a selection of my favourite tracks I've been listening to a lot lately, when the fog clears. They all happen to be a bit retro (70s mostly). Thought I'd share them here as they've brought me so much fun and enjoyment. They mostly Rock or Disco. Enjoy! :)

1. - Dire straights and Eric clapton - Sultans of Swing (guitar solo half way through and at the end is amazing!)

2. Brothers Johnsen - Stomp

3. Brothers Johnsen - Strawberry Letter 23

4. KC and the Sunshine Band - Im Your Boodie Man

5. Kool & the Gang - Get Down On It

6. Diana Ross - My Old Piano

7. Diana Ross - Upside Down

8. Diana Ross - No One Gets The Prize

9. Take Ohnuki - 4am

10 U2 - Pride (in the Name of Love)


mmmmmmmmm one of my favorite U2.......have been listening to The Call's Everywhere I go this weekend......been off my radar for years
hey Matthew I listened to some of your songs the other day, very talented! Mystery of Life made me think of Ian Dury and the Blockheads somehow!

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