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Remember last week where I had that day of agony as my teeth moved? Turns out there was a little more going on with that. To begin where I left off:

In the area where my wisdom teeth were taken out a year and a half ago it feels like my face is being pulled down to those singular focal points, with some pressure on the lower ones as well.

What I neglected to share here is that I suspected I might be growing a new set of wisdom teeth. But that doesn't happen, right? Silly Dainty. The area had become dreadfully inflamed while all this was going on, and I woke the next day to find the inflammation gone but two hard bumps remaining directly behind my teeth and some very sorry feeling gums stretched beyond their comfort zone.

It can't be.

Days pass and I begin to want to clamp down my teeth, craving the pressure on my jaw that a good bite brings about. Problem is, I have remnants of plastic bumps still glued to my teeth from an unsuccessful stint with Invisalign braces back in my "partially healthy" days, and these "bumps" prevent my molars from making full contact. The past few weeks I've been more and more restless to have them removed and an appointment was already scheduled, but after that day of intense tooth pain my body was done with any pretense of patience. I began clenching my teeth almost involuntarily as my body strove to move the bones it wanted to, and my lower jaw began to bend under the pressure. Ouch. Okay, that option is out. Guess there's nothing to do but day, one hour at a time...

Then about 28 hours ago I was examining the bumps in the mirror when something further back caught my eye.

No way.

The outline of my lower wisdom teeth preparing to break surface glared back, challenging me to deny them now.

A part of me is thrilled. I'd secretly wanted to keep my wisdom teeth and felt disappointed when they were removed. And while the upper teeth are coming in even straighter than their predescessors, here's the problem: the lower ones are impacted in exactly the same manner as the previous set was, which means at this rate they would emerge partially inside my cheeks creating a continuous wound that cannot be cleaned. It's a guaranteed infection, and that's why last time I had no choice but to take the procedure despite the significant risk posed by my severe MCS. By the time surgery happened the infection was notably advanced and no other resolution was possible.

Unless I find a way to move these teeth before they break through the surface, it is going to happen again.

The good news is that I've made progress in the past 24 hours. With some trial and error I discovered that pressing straight down on my molars brought relief, and with frequent application I soon felt pressure building for my mischievous underground teeth to get in line. Nothing like bossy older teeth to put them in their place. Heat felt good so I used that too, and a few hours later the right side of my jaw suddenly swelled up like a chipmunk. I wasn't expecting that! Closing my mouth became unfeasible and talking was a joke. I could have brought it down with arnica, ice, or a quadrapolar magnet, but I sensed that the response was beneficial so I let it be and drifted off into an exhausted slumber.

Now both sides are only a little bit swollen, and I have continuous pressure and pain in the area as these teeth move. Will it be accomplished in time? I hope so. I'm stunned that they've formed this quickly. An old family friend who happens to be a dentist has managed to fit me in on Thursday to have the plastic bumps removed so that should help with my bite, and I expect to hear back from my osteopath today about further recommendations. In the meantime I continue to work on my teeth, careful to avoid forcing anything.

I just hope it's not too late.


I think extra teeth like that are called supernumerary teeth. Rare, but not super rare. If you got notable infection there.. it might be the cause of your CFS. It was in my case. Get an x-ray of your mouth, let's take a look. Normally they will e-mail you a digital scan. Over here, they are legally obliged to give your medal records (including x-rays) if you ask.
Ha Sushi, isn't it fun?

Ian, thanks for the comment. Extra teeth would have shown up on the x-rays done prior to my wisdom teeth being removed.

I'm glad you found your problem; I'm actually pretty confident I've found the root of my issues, and that's in the structural problems all throughout my body. The teeth are just another continuation of that. It's also making a world of difference in my immune system. So exciting!
Lucky you! My mom's aunt had the same thing. I had a 5th wisdom tooth. Had general anesthesia to remove my wisdom teeth. This is what started my MCS which lead to ME/CFS. Now I know that you need to request non-hepatic anesthesia. Check out the anesthesia recommendations on this site.
Thanks for the comment, calendonia, I'm really hoping I won't need surgery again! I heard back from my osteo and he said what I've been doing is exactly what he would have recommended, so we'll see if we can get these teeth on track.
Dainty- I am a Registered Dental Hygienist. Why are you seeing an Osteopath instead of a Dentist, Oral Surgeon or TMJ Specialist? With the right x-rays this could have been diagnosed along time ago. A Panorex may have kept you out of a lot of pain.
I grew a new tooth too where one of my four wisdom teeth had been removed many years before this occurred. It also grew in impacted and I had to have it out. Had a dream which commented on this metaphorically of course. So, there was meaning, if not scientific probability behind this event!
Outside of our western belief system, it is totally possible to grow teeth back. Also possible to grow fingers, limbs, etc. back but of course THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE in our paradigm.
SanDiego, osteopathic work is straightening out my other teeth, which is why I am conferring with my osteopath on the subject. I already know what my oral surgeon would advise so I see no reason to waste my time or theirs with a consultation.

The proper x-rays were taken when my wisdom teeth were first removed, which was less than 17 months ago. It was indeed a Panorex, not regular dental x-rays, and showed no teeth beyond normal and four wisdom teeth. (For those not up on the lingo, a Panorex is the machine you stand in that moves nearly all the way around your head while taking the x-rays, not the tiny ones they do in the dentist chair.)

Are additional x-rays standard for follow-up after the removal of wisdom teeth? They were not recommended to me by my oral surgeon. I'm puzzled as to how it "could have been diagnosed long ago".

The first hint of them growing back was felt last week and they're already about to emerge - my first set of wisdom teeth took several months to progress this far.
Gracie, interestingly enough cranial osteopathy is a completely western belief system. Both osteopathy and, later, cranial osteopathy were founded in the U.S. by doctors who had no access to or knowledge of eastern medicine beliefs or treatment modalities. I find it fascinating because they are quite compatible with eastern medicine, but distinct nevertheless.

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