Tools for dealing with having CFS

I've been working strongly on valuing myself, my health and loving myself.
Its taken quite a while to develop into this, rather than pitying myself when i have bad episodes, I have learnt to at least have some control in how i process the world.

Breaking the crystal ball of 'should have done' in the past or 'should do' in the future has been vital for minimising stress.
Breaking the crystal ball of mindreading: that person doesn't like me, that person seems angry at me. And not guessing at other people's intentions.
Living life at my pace: Ok so i do one thing on my to do list in a day, why would i compare myself to others and try and live life at their pace when i get low so easily? I'll take as damn long as i like.
Learning boundaries with people: Wanting to connect with people while im so low is difficult and i've had to learn to connect with myself and provide what i want from others to myself.
If i'm lonely, i listen to myself. If i'm feeling upset i let myself feel upset. If i'm angry, i be angry.
If someone ignores me, i ignore them. If someone is rude to me, i'm entitled to be rude to them. If someone abuses me, i have every right to stand up for myself and abuse back. As I don't go out of my way to give people a hard time, i've found this works well for me. (not always applicable)
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I love this and I think it's wonderful. Thanks for sharing. You said so much of what I feel. I agree. I think people are mad at me often because they act weird or quiet and sometimes it happens because I am sick, I think. Meaning, they see that I am sick and act differently. I think you are so right. If someone ignores you, ignore them.
I want to stand up to people who mistreat me but I dont have the energy to handle the emotions and my mind just doesnt seem t wrk in a timely manner in the situation. I think maybe I should try to write my responsees more even if I do not get to use them. Sadly in this world you cant express yourself without inviting further abuse by the ignorant.
Roxie, I think its important to stand up to people internally, that way you can ignore what they want and you are expressing things from your perspective. To feel as if i have control there has been very useful and makes standing up to people in public alot easier.
Spitfire, we're all living life the best way we can, if people get mad or upset with you - thats their problem, less yours. (unless its a close relationship where both peoples needs are important)

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