todayyy....some really good things happened.
some things i don't feel like discussing in detail yet
and to be honest, my today was probably a normal persons worse day of their life :lol:

but...suffice it to felt like someones thumb has been holding me down for 5 entire years...every minute...and today it released for a bit and i felt air...and it was so freaking beautiful. Which, beautiful obviously can't come close to describing.

It felt a little bit like 2:32 in this song, 10 seconds prior and then the release you feel of the instrumentals flowing through your veins. Like a taste of...freedom.

The tell us autumn's a comin' and soon everything around us will die
Only a fool believes that he is different from the birds in the sky

All those birds go chasin' some better sunny days
You can't hear them singing 'cause they've all gone away

But this one bird didn't leave you
It stayed through the wintertime
You can't hear it sing but you can hear it as it flies
So don't you believe them?

They'll destroy you with their lies
They only see the obvious
They see the sun go down but they don't see it rise

This one bird didn't leave you
You can hear it as it flies
It's not very loud but you can hear it if you try
So don't you believe them?

Yes it's true someday everything dies
We won't let that defeat us
We can't hear them singing
But we can hear it as it flies


Oh, autumn.....the most precious of seasons. Everything takes on a different hue, the light, the smells, the rebound of flowers here in our hot climate.

It seems that everything experiences a renewal....even the birds and we long for different clothing . The leaves will soon change but even when they fall we're give the gift of their smell (OK, it's moldy and we have allergies), but what can beat the sound of crispy, crunching as we walk on them at night?

I love the seasons....even summer, our lives seem to keep pace with them all. Be happy, @sunshine44, you deserve it. Yours, Lenora

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